Female Nat’l Guard Recruit Forced to Shower with a Man

Pixel-Shot / shutterstock.com
Pixel-Shot / shutterstock.com

When we think of military basic training, being uncomfortable is all part of it, from the rigorous exercises to the long days and drill sergeants yelling in your face. But for at least one woman, that experience also includes being forced to shower with biological males.

The report came from South Dakota’s GOP Senator Mike Rounds, who attended a Senate confirmation hearing for Biden’s choice for the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force General Charles Q. Brown.

Rounds stated, “I’m aware of a situation – it was just brought to my attention – where a young woman in the South Dakota National Guard experienced a situation at basic training where she was sleeping in open bays and showering with biological males who had not had gender reassignment surgery but were documented as females because they have begun the drug therapy process.”

Rounds noted that the young woman reportedly felt very “uncomfortable” about the situation. Still, she thought she had little choice but to accept it, possibly be targeted for retaliation, or give up on her dream of serving our country.

Then, Rounds asked Brown how he would handle such a situation.

Brown gave the typical, noncommittal answer of “being inclusive” and looking closely at “how we approach situations like this” to avoid making people uncomfortable.

And that should enrage you; at least, it does me.

Sure, he was basically in a job interview, which can be touchy. But we are talking about being a military commander here. And there is no place for such blather there.

I mean, there is a reason men are separated from women in the military, right? And yet, as soon as someone says they aren’t what their biology says, they are that suddenly allowed to watch those of the opposite sex shower, with nothing uncovered?

And don’t even get me started on how deranged a person has to be to think they are the opposite sex… that in and of itself should be enough to exclude them from service.

But when men and women like Biden and Brown are in charge, that’s obviously not the case. No wonder our military is lacking these days.