FBI Creates New Domestic Terrorism Category to Target MAGA Conservatives

Peter Kim / shutterstock.com
Peter Kim / shutterstock.com

The FBI is looking more and more like the Democrat Party’s Gestapo every day. In the latest development, the bureau has now created a brand-new domestic terrorism category that will allow them to target even more Trump supporters beyond the January 6ers. The designation is Anti-Government, Anti-Authority, Violent Extremists (AGAAVE). However much you hate the FBI at this point, it’s not enough. The bureau has now designated half the country as violent domestic terrorists.

So, the most powerful and unaccountable secret police agency in the entire world now thinks that people opposed to authoritarian governments are a big threat. The Founding Fathers, of course, were completely opposed to the sort of Big Government authoritarianism that the FBI now represents. The framers of the Constitution were all anti-government and anti-authority. That’s why they sought to write a Constitution that limited the government’s power as much as they could.

Being anti-government and anti-authority and being willing to use violence to stop an authoritarian government is literally what it means to be an American. The First Amendment to the Bill of Rights means that you can say whatever you want, including criticizing government figures. You’re not a slave, so you can speak your mind. The Second Amendment means we can all arm ourselves in case we have to spit on our hands, hoist the black flag, and water the tree of liberty.

But to the FBI, the people who are now the most passionate about defending the Bill of Rights are suddenly a threat to our own homeland. The Democrats’ secret police have gotten so far out of line that they are now ignoring very real and sometimes very heinous crimes just to target Trump supporters.

Here’s one example. And before you read any further, realize that this story involves some very disturbing content of a sexual nature against children.

In December 2020, the FBI had an internet user under investigation who went by the name “gayboy69freak.” That subtle moniker belonged to a man named Brogan Welsh in Glenn Allen, Virginia. Walsh thought that he was chatting online with a Washington, DC father who was trying to pimp his 9-year-old son out to pedophiles for money. That “father” was actually an undercover FBI agent.

Welsh is accused of sending the undercover FBI agent a video of a prepubescent boy being sodomized by an adult male.

On January 6, 2021, the FBI abandoned that slam-dunk investigation. This guy had sent child pornography to an FBI agent across state lines. Yet when the January 6 protest happened, the FBI diverted all of its resources to tracking down the Trump supporters at the Capitol that very same day. That was the plan all along when the FBI staged the violence at the Capitol, after all. They didn’t even wait until Joe Biden’s fake inauguration on January 20th. They diverted all agents to hunting January 6ers before all the tear gas had even blown away on January 6th.

By the way, Brogan Welsh was just arrested in Anchorage, Alaska a few days ago. Police found child pornography, child-sized sex toys, a child’s underwear, and a 10-year-old boy who was not related to Welsh in his home. This guy allegedly went on to viciously molest a child because the FBI dropped the case against him to pursue Trump supporters. He may have molested even more kids; who knows?

Nothing is more dangerous to the future of America than having the FBI turn into a secret police agency for one political party. The FBI needs to be completely abolished and razed to the ground. Instead, Congress—including 70 Republicans—just voted to build the FBI a new $300 million headquarters that is larger than the Pentagon.