Ex-CIA Analyst Issues Warning About Deep State Leaning in for Biden

Billion Photos / shutterstock.com
Billion Photos / shutterstock.com

Welcome to 2024. As you know, it’s an election year and one that will give us a new president, or at least give us the opportunity to change out the current one. However, as one former CIA analyst warns, it’s unlikely the ‘deep state’ will allow that to happen.

Enter John Gentry, a man who served our nation in the CIA as an analyst and now teaches political science at Georgetown University.

As such, you might expect him to be rather tight-lipped when it comes to his former career. I mean, the intelligence “community” is a pretty close-knit one and not prone to telling its own secrets.

However, Gentry apparently isn’t like most of his counterparts. Instead, he’s issuing a warning.

According to what he recently told Fox News in an article published Tuesday, we should all be prepared for the deep state to once again come out of the woodwork to influence a presidential election. And by influence, he, of course, means they will be siding with Biden’s establishment left and against Trump.

“My guess is that the proverbial deep state within the intelligence community will reemerge because presumably a Republican candidate will again be seen as a threat to the internal process that many intelligence people like.”

Foreshadowed by the word again, we all remember that this is not the first time the “deep state” has come to the rescue of the political left.

Take 2016, for example.

Remember the love affair of Peter Strzok and Lisa Paige. What about the questionable actions of then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and then-FBI Director James Comey?

Thanks to them, Donald Trump was accused of Russian collusion, complete with “evidence” to back up those claims. It took a full two years for Trump to get out from under that assumption, and still, the intelligence community haunted his presidency.

Then, in 2020, it happened all over again.

No, they didn’t attempt to pin insidious actions on Trump again. This time, they just helped hide those of Hunter Biden.

As I am sure you remember, rumors of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop surfaced in 2020, before the presidential election. It was, of course, the kind of story that could have changed the outcome of the election should Hunter and his family be seen as some sort of criminal enterprise.

And yet, thanks to the intelligence community, that story was squashed until it was too late to change the votes.

A letter signed by 51 former intelligence officers was “leaked” to the New York Post. In it was language that presumed to call the whole laptop story into question, again mentioning that it may be “Russian disinformation.”

Phrases like “classic earmarks of Russian information campaign” and “makes us deeply suspicious” were used to call into question the validity of what was found on the laptop. And so, the establishment media decided it was a fake, officially tossing the whole matter under the rug.

Now it’s come out that, unlike Trump’s supposed association with Russia in 2016, the Hunter Biden laptop, including its ominous insinuations, is nothing but fact.

But it’s too late to do anything about it.

Both of these instances of election interference prove to Gentry that 2024 will likely be no different. Just what the story being squashed or the misinformation made public will be has yet to be seen. But as Gentry says, there’s a near 100 percent chance it will happen at some point or another.

And you can be sure it will attempt to ensure Trump and his plans to “drain the swamp,” which most definitely includes the intelligence community and deep state, are thrown out in favor of another disastrous four years of Joe Biden.

Hell, it’s already started. Proof lies in an article written by two former intelligence officers and published in a little-known publication titled Just Security.

As you might assume from its name, the publication is one basically only read by those in the intelligence community. In the piece, Trump’s plans are attacked as being not only anti-American but similar to those of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Essentially, it’s a call to action for the intelligence community to take a stand against Trump and ensure that Biden and his pro-DEI and spy services remain in charge.

We can’t let that happen.