Escaped WNY Murder Suspect Still on the Loose and Leaving Police Breadcrumbs

Feng Yu /
Feng Yu /

With a simple photo of a stash that was camouflaged, the Pennsylvania State Police told the public that they believe they are hot on the trail of escaped inmate Michael Burham.

It’s only been a week since the only identified suspect in a May 2023 Jamestown, NY murder escaped from the Warren County Jail in PA. Slipping through a video-monitored recreation yard, he slipped through the metal grated ceiling and shimmied down some tied-up bed sheets.

Wrapped in a tarp and partially hidden under a log, the stash is reported to contain food, clothing, and other survival materials. Discovered in a wooden area just outside Warren, PA, officers are confident that the items inside are Burham’s.

Given the interview his ex-gf gave to Buffalo, NY, outlet WIVB, this could easily be left as a breadcrumb to make them think they have something.

Speaking via Zoom, Elizabeth Hensley-Sieber claimed he could be too good for the local cops to catch. Especially since they underestimated his capabilities, and now he’s in a spot he knows better than almost anyone else.

“I think he has the upper hand. He has the knowledge he needs to evade any sort of tracking. He knows how to get rid of his scent and go through the water. He knows how to make diversion trails.”

She also touched on his military background and extensive training as a water purification specialist and land navigation. These two skills, combined with his claims in a previous escape that he had quit drinking, make him a very dangerous man.

While police are concerned, they caution people don’t need to postpone travel to nearby Allegany State Park. Instead, they simply need to be smart about their decisions.