Doomsday Clock Is Now 90-Seconds From Midnight

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A new update from the science-oriented advocacy group behind the global Doomsday Clock was released on January 23rd. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists issued their annual announcement to rate just how close humanity is to a collapse due to doom and destruction. By keeping steady over new concerns, the globe has remained at its closest spot to the tipping point to date.

“Today, we once again set the Doomsday Clock at 90 seconds to midnight because humanity continues to face an unprecedented level of danger. Our decision should not be taken as a sign that the international security situation has eased. Instead, leaders and citizens around the world should take this statement as a stark warning and respond urgently, as if today were the most dangerous moment in modern history. Because it may well be. But the world can be made safer. The Clock can move away from midnight.”

In their opinion, there are four major reasons for the clock staying so close to midnight.

Nuclear war is the main threat they listed. Specifically, they point to the threat posed to Ukraine by Russia. In their opinion, the nuclear capabilities of Russia, China, and the US have the globe under a three-way nuclear arms race to be the best. They cite Russia and China as already making massive headway in their stockpile and claim the US is being told to do the same. A step the Biden regime has failed to show any interest in doing.

With Iran and North Korea both longing to succeed in enriching uranium continuously, it puts the work on edge. Add in Pakistan and India closing the gap under everyone’s noses, and the concern is even stronger.

Their second concern is about climate change. Concerned with the idea of violating the Paris climate agreement, they admit that the 1.5*C rise since the industrial age is growing close. This number seems incredibly arbitrary since the science they continuously tell us to trust shows that the climate swings we have had are normal and part of the cycle of the earth. With nations across the globe spending $1.7 trillion on green energy, they claim a $1 trillion figure for fossil fuels offset that.

Up third was biological threats. As they claimed, the concern is specifically surrounding using AI in the manufacturing of new biological agents or improving the ones already in existence. They use President Biden as an example of someone doing something with an executive order for “safe, secure, and trustworthy AI.” One that guarded, “against the risks of using AI to engineer dangerous biological materials by developing strong new standards for biological synthesis screening.” As they pointed out, it was a useless executive order as it had no enforceability.

What the planet would need to get the clock down here is something to prevent people from acquiring the raw materials. Giving them the ability to conduct a mass attack on humans, animals, plants, the water supply, or other parts of the environment is concerning. Unsurprisingly, they failed to mention China here. Especially in their role related to COVID and the strains that have followed.

Their final insight is the one we must take the most seriously; the massive innovations and accompanying dangers behind AI. For eons, movies, and TV shows have attempted to scare us into believing artificial intelligence would take over and eventually kill us all. Before 2010 that seemed like a joke at best and a nightmare at worst. Since then, AI has grown by leaps and bounds. Disinformation and manipulated information can be manufactured and distributed easily. As militaries across the globe are developing more and more AI uses, it becomes a bigger global risk.

The notion of hitting 90 seconds to midnight is painted with the most liberal interpretations of real reasons to be concerned. Nuclear war has been a concern for decades, and thus far the planet has avoided it from happening for a second time. With a better understanding of how one more missile could be doomsday for us all, nobody wants to be the reason it all ends.

Climate change is truly nothing more than a way for Al Gore to sell more carbon credits to companies. The planet evolves, and that’s what it’s doing now. Biologic threats are a massive concern and have been for decades. The inclusion of AI only makes the concern more real. We as a nation need to be aware of what our enemies are doing. Both biologically and technologically.

If Trump doesn’t win in November you can bet your bottom dollar the 2025 time will be one minute to midnight at best.