Donald Trump Makes a Special Christmas Promise to America

Frederic Legrand - COMEO /
Frederic Legrand - COMEO /

It’s hard to deny that America has now turned into a post-Christian nation. A plurality of Americans may still identify as Christians, but church membership is lower than ever. Kids leave the church as soon as they turn 18. The federal government actively persecutes Christians. They send FBI SWAT teams to arrest people who silently pray near abortion clinics and have spies lurking in traditional Catholic churches. To call it a “war on Christianity” would be putting it mildly. President Donald Trump, however, issued a special Christmas promise to America at his rally in Waterloo, Iowa last week.

Christmas is sadly being marketed as a secular shopping holiday these days instead of a holy day for Christians. How many Americans could identify the chapter and verses that tell the story of Christmas in the Bible? How many could even identify which book of the Bible it’s in? Sadly, it’s probably incredibly low.

The holiday is not about the latest Xbox or the newest gadget or sending out greeting cards or those dumb movies on the Hallmark Channel.

President Trump promised the rally attendees in Waterloo last week, “As soon as I get back in the Oval Office, I’ll also immediately end the war on Christians.”

The stage at the Waterloo rally was decorated with Christmas trees and gifts. While they were not really visible from the camera angle shown above, the gifts all had President Trump’s mugshot on the wrapping paper. One kind had Trump in a Santa hat, and the other was the plain mugshot.

Trump also highlighted the total lack of respect that Joe Biden has for Christianity and Christmas itself. The White House tree fell over earlier this season, in a perfect metaphor for the Biden regime. Joe Biden didn’t even mention Jesus Christ as the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the White House, after they managed to get the tree to stand back up.

Jill Biden’s “holiday” display was a bunch of drag queens and frumpy dykes hopping around like they’d just escaped from an insane asylum. It got savagely dragged on Twitter/X by users. Here’s a selection of some of the comments that were made about it:

Ian Michael Cheong said Dr. Jill’s display gave off a “Hunger Games aesthetic.”

“This should have come with a sensitivity label,” wrote Libs of TikTok. “This is horrendous.”

Activist Alex Rosen noted, “The secondhand embarrassment is off the charts.”

“It’s a mentally ill Christmas at the White House,” wrote comedian Tim Young.

Another user called Jill Biden’s display, “Desperately pandering. SO. MUCH. CRINGE!”

Conservative activist Brigitte Gabriel added, “Children should not be watching this smut.”

One user wrote that, “The only thing missing was Dylan Mulvaney!!!”

It’s incredibly sad and gross, but it’s also very deliberate. It’s meant to be disgusting so that it will grind Christians down and shake our faith. We hope you don’t let that happen to you.

As we celebrate Christmas this year, we can be assured not only by our faith in Jesus Christ, but also in the fact that we have the option to turn this around next year. Donald Trump was the best friend to Christianity that this country has had in decades, despite any of his personal flaws. When he says he will end the war on Christianity on day one of his next administration, we know that we can believe him!