DOJ Tries to Block Archer Testimony, But is Jail Safe From Being Clinton’ed? 

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The Justice Department is pressuring Devon Archer to report to prison, coincidentally just days before his scheduled congressional testimony. Recent court documents reveal that Manhattan federal prosecutors submitted a letter over the weekend urging the judge to determine a specific date for Archer to begin serving his one-year term for conspiring to defraud a Native American tribe. 

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed his 2018 conviction on two felony charges related to this matter, but Archer plans to challenge the conviction. Matthew Schwartz, Archer’s attorney, noted that it was “premature” to choose a jail date while his client is considering all options to appeal his conviction.  

Schwartz stated, “We are aware of speculation that the Department of Justice’s weekend request to have Mr. Archer report to prison is an attempt by the Biden administration to intimidate him in advance of his meeting with the House Oversight Committee.” 

Schwartz went on to add, “To be clear, Mr. Archer does not agree with that speculation. In any case, Mr. Archer will do what he has planned to do all along, which is to show up on Monday and to honestly answer the questions that are put to him by the Congressional investigators.”  

Archer’s testimony is expected to tie President Joe Biden into his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings, a connection the president has repeatedly denied. Just ahead of the testimony, many noted a shift in White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s messaging regarding Biden’s involvement in the matter. The administration subtly changed Biden’s claim, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” to statements that the president “was never in business with his son.” 

Archer’s testimony is expected to confirm that Biden was present during some meetings with Hunter’s overseas business partners and was a participant in numerous phone calls involving business dealings. 

Some have speculated that, one way or another, Archer would not be permitted to testify. Archer has already canceled his appearance before the House Oversight Committee several times, and for some lawmakers, the timing of the letter from the DOJ was odd because of Archer’s upcoming testimony. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer agreed with Schwartz that the latest stalling tactic was just another way to “try to intimidate our witnesses.” 

The DOJ was quick to counter the claims of “convenient timing,” issuing a statement that Archer’s testimony would not be blocked. In a letter to District Judge Abrams, federal prosecutor Damian Williams noted, “To be clear, the Government does not request (and has never requested) that the defendant surrender before his Congressional testimony. As the Court knows, to surrender and commence his sentence of imprisonment, the defendant first must be designated to a federal facility by the Bureau of Prisons—a process that can take several weeks or months after the Court sets a surrender date.” 

But witnesses possessing damaging information against Democrats have a long history of disappearing.  

While largely unproven as a “conspiracy,” the mysterious suicides and deaths of many people connected to the Clintons are a constant source of speculation.  

One such “suicide” involved Mark Middleton, an aide to Bill Clinton with ties to Jeffrey Epstein. The 59-year-old was found hanging with a gunshot wound to the chest and no gun in sight, yet his death was ruled “suicide.” Jeffrey Epstein himself was found dead in his jail cell in an incident ruled as another “suicide.”  

The death of TV reporter Christopher Sign, who broke a 2016 story about a secret meeting between former President Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, was ruled a suicide, as was the death of Peter Smith, an investment banker who announced he had uncovered Hillary Clinton’s 30k deleted emails. 

In all, the Clinton Body Count theory spans nearly two decades and includes bodyguards, interns, staffers, alleged mistresses, reporters, and others with supposed “dirt” on the Clintons. The deaths are ruled suicides, unsolved murders, and mysterious accidents. Some estimates place the body count at fifty, and some estimate it is even more. 

The Clintons aren’t the only family with money to spend and secrets to hide. As more evidence exposing the Biden family’s corruption becomes known, the administration is increasingly desperate to cover it up.  

Devon Archer has gone into hiding ahead of his planned testimony, fleeing his homes in Brooklyn and Long Island and avoiding Washington, D.C. According to sources, Archer has received threats and was “concerned” about his family’s safety and his own. 

If Archer’s testimony is as damning as the GOP expects it to be, he has a legitimate reason to be afraid. After all, nothing good happens to those who threaten Democratic narratives. As Jeffrey Epstein’s 2019 prison “suicide” proved, even jail isn’t a safe place for people who know too much.