Despite Liberals Begging for Abortions, Americans Want More Kids

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While the liberal left tries to grab headlines with news of their attempts to hold on to abortions, the rest of America is done committing this Godless sin. Instead, people want kids more than ever in the last 50+ years.

According to a Gallop poll, the “ideal number of children for a family to have” is three or more for 45% of Americans. Broken down further, 29% stop at three, 12% at four little tax deductions, and 2% are chomping at the bit for five or more. Meanwhile, 44% say no more at two, 3% just want one bundle of joy, leaving only 2% consider remaining childless to be the ideal family.

Back when Gallup first started taking these polls in 1936, 64% of families wanted three or more kids, with a peak for 3+ being at 77% just after WWII in 1945. This was also just before the baby boom that would follow. The number remained at 61% for 3+ kids through 1967 too. When that number shrank from 1967 to 1971, it was attributed to concerns over a population boom thanks to the 1968 book titled “Population Bomb.”

This book had people gravely concerned the world would suddenly be unable to sustain life and that humankind would suddenly cease to continue growing. This would make having more kids not only irresponsible but also make the family directly complacent for being part of the problem. For many, they didn’t want that attention. Jobs weren’t so plentiful, and the country was majorly conflicted, especially with the Cold War still raging on.

In the 1970s, the preference swapped over to one or two little rugrats, and in 1986 it reached a peak, with 64% of people favoring it. While the normal peaks and valleys kept the trend with economic instability, and when we had a real economy from the late 90s until 2018 or so, the gap in preferences between large and small families narrowed.

Other polls conducted about American life also yielded some intriguing results that fly right in the face of the liberal agenda.

About 25% of respondents called marriage or having kids an important part of life, according to other polls, while Gallup’s polls show that number to be much closer to 90%. It shows in their survey numbers too. “This includes 69 percent who already have children, 15 percent who are aged 18 to 40 and are not yet parents but say they want to be someday, and 6 percent who are aged 41 and older and do not have children but wish they did. Just 8 percent of U.S. adults indicate no intent or longing to have children.”

While respondents under 30 were less likely to already have kids, 63% reported a desire to have them someday. This kind of wait presents a problem, though. Gallup’s analysis of the situation paints a dark picture. “Young adults are also more likely than older age groups to think having three or more children is ideal. Thus, the greater risk of the U.S. population shrinking due to a declining birth rate may stem from young adults waiting much longer than prior generations to start having children rather than from a decreased desire to have children altogether.”

Liberal-led polls have been painting starkly different figures over the years, all of which are unable to be properly replicated, and it makes a mess of how government benefits and programs are being designed. These surveys are largely focused on certain sub-groups of people and use very vague and tailored definitions for the categories of their data. Then again, with who is bankrolling their surveys, nobody should be all too surprised to learn they are being manipulated.

As the American Populus wants to breed more heavily, we as a nation need to become prepared for it. This doesn’t come from EVs and automating systems to run more hands-free. Instead, it’s generating more jobs and opportunities and opening them in areas that need the development that they need to focus on. Not their pro-abortion, socialist agendas.