DeSantis Falls to Third Place

Remember when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was labeled Donald Trump’s most formidable challenger? Well, not only is he not even close to Trump in the polls, but now, he’s even fallen to third place.

According to the Daily Signal, the latest poll from RMG Research shows that DeSantis and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy have essentially traded places, with DeSantis now coming in 5 points behind the newcomer.

As with most other polls, Trump leads the GOP field by a long shot, with 60 percent of the vote. Ramaswamy now sits at 13 percent. And DeSantis has 8 percent. All other candidates have no more than 5 percent.

Now, this may not necessarily shock you, at least when it comes to DeSantis falling even further. After all, it’s not like his campaign has had all that much success, at least not nearly what it was anticipated to have. Already, it has been noted that DeSantis has cut his campaign staff considerably due to a lack of funding.

I guess it shouldn’t be shocking that it’s only Ramaswamy gaining in the polls, either. If you didn’t already know it, he’s about the only GOP candidate to actually show public support for Trump – not for president, mind you. But when it comes to how Trump has been attacked, with now four indictments against him, it has only been Ramaswamy who has stepped up to defend him.

So it only makes sense that it would only be Ramaswamy who is gaining in popularity while men like DeSantis and Pence, who now consistently poke jabs at Trump, are falling.

It also proves that what the electorate wants most is the establishment of Washington, DC, gone.

Ramaswamy, by far, has the most anti-establishment and “America First” policies. In fact, according to his website, he even has a plan labeled as such, “America First 2.0.” He also suggests “25 Policy Commitments to Take America First Further than Trump.”

So yeah, if you like Trump or just what he did for America, I could totally see why Ramaswamy would be your man.

Too bad for DeSantis…