Dems Lose it When MTG Shows Images from Hunter’s Laptop

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Consolidated News Photos /

If you didn’t know it, Hunter Biden has had a few very bad days as of late. And thanks to Georgia GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, it’s about to get much worse.

That’s because the controversial MTG did the unthinkable on Wednesday when she held up and showed off images of Hunter Biden in very compromising sexual positions with prostitutes during a House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday.

As I am sure you are well aware, the infamously in trouble first son is being investigated for tax fraud as well as a slew of other crimes. Naturally, that means involving the Internal Revenue Service, which besides a few brave whistleblowers, has seemed to protect the Biden family at all costs.

One of the younger Biden’s alleged crimes is that he wrote off payments to these prostitutes as business transactions on his taxes, much the same way you and I might write off office supplies, a meal, or a business trip.

As MTG points out, there are multiple problems here.

First of all, is the obvious fact that Hunter was engaging with prostitutes, which is illegal in all US states.

The second is that as an illegal act, prostitution can’t legally be allowed as a business write-off.

Of course, the left side of the aisle was none too pleased that MTG was publicizing this for all the world to see. But they made sure to make it seem as if it was MTG who was in the wrong for showing such profanities on the House floor.

Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland asked at one point, “Should we be displaying this, Mr. Chairman?”

Apparently, seeing these questionable pictures was too much for Raskin and his ilk. It was noted by several on social media, though, that these are the same people who think it’s okay for your eight-year-old to see in children’s books and videos.