Color Him Surprised: Biden Loses Support of Blacks and Hispanics

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The very voter base President Joe Biden inherited from misplaced MAGA hate and his time as VP to Barrack Obama’s administration has eroded. Tired of his pathetic leadership and inaction, the black and Hispanic voters are tucking tale on the Democratic party.

According to a USA Today/Suffolk University Poll, one in every five (17%) of black and Hispanic voters are planning on voting for a third-party candidate. For former President Trump, this is music to his ears. Now leading that poll by a score of 39%-37%, he has solidified his lead over Biden. Even Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. found his support increasing to 10% of voters.

Figures from the Roper Center show that Biden carried 87% of the black vote back in 2020, now they claim that figure has plummeted to 63%. With Hispanic voters, he went from 65% to a dismal 39%. By comparison, Trump went from 32% of voters in 2020 to 34% in 2024. Simply put, Biden has shown voters that not only is he not worthy of their vote, but that unless it’s election time, he doesn’t care about them. All he cares about is his own pockets; meanwhile, Trump simply couldn’t be bought.

Listening to Biden talk, he projects a sense of entitlement to the black and Hispanic vote. As if being a member of the Democrats means he automatically understands and relates to their issues and knows their “struggle.” Yet, time and time again, when they tell him he doesn’t listen, he just argues and tells them he knows what’s best. Just like he does with anyone who isn’t a Democrat through and through.