Climate Kook John Kerry Slapped with Ethics Complaint for Lying about Global Warming

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Joe Biden’s chief climate kook John Kerry has been telling a lie about the weather that is so outrageous that he’s now been B-slapped with an ethics complaint. As a representative of the Biden administration, Kerry cannot be allowed to get away with brazenly lying about global warming in order to scare people into supporting their communist Green New Deal policies.

The group that has lodged the ethics complaint against Kerry is called Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT). During the same speech last month where Kerry said the government wants to seize family farms to save us all from the weather, he made this statement:

“[Fifteen] million people are dying every single year around this planet as a consequence of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, in the air which travels around and drops in the form of pollution and is warming the ocean at record rates, changing the chemistry of the ocean itself. Without action, millions of lives and the livelihood of the planet is at risk.”

Kerry added that an additional 10 million people are dying every year because of extreme heat. None of what he said is true. Everything in Kerry’s statement is a baldfaced lie. Greenhouse gases have never killed a single person, and no scientific evidence exists to suggest that they have. Needless to say, 10 million people are not dying every summer just because it gets hot outside.

At this point, Kerry is just pulling made-up “facts” out of his butt.

In the ethics complaint, PPT is asking for an investigation into Kerry’s outlandish lies so that the record can be corrected. They hope that this will “deter similar hysterical claims in the future.” Hopefully, the ethics complaint bears fruit because the fearmongering over this fake issue is getting way out of hand.