California Now Wants To Guarantee You Can’t Speed

Pozdeyev Vitaly /
Pozdeyev Vitaly /

California State Senator Scott Wiener brought out a bill that is frankly beyond the limits of liberalism that most could even imagine. Under the proposed language of the bill, it would be impossible to go more than ten mph over the posted speed limit.

“Commencing with the 2027 model year, every passenger vehicle, motortruck, and bus manufactured or sold in the state shall be equipped with an intelligent speed limiter system. An intelligent speed limiter system required by this section shall operate passively and shall only be capable of being temporarily disabled by the driver of the vehicle.”

In a press release, Wiener tried defending this idea. “The alarming surge in road deaths is unbearable and demands an urgent response. There is no reason for anyone to be going over 100 miles per hour on a public road, yet in 2020, California Highway Patrol issued over 3,000 tickets for just that offense. Preventing reckless speeding is a commonsense approach to prevent these utterly needless and heartbreaking crashes.”

Sadly, Wiener doesn’t seem to grasp how speed limits work or the need to exceed the speed limit in certain circumstances. His lack of insight into the physics of driving an automobile or the way traffic operates is alarming. He also has never had to get away from a dangerous situation or prevent getting stuck in an emergency.

Limiting speed via GPS or other systems also would make it incredibly difficult to drive along roads that lack official speed limits due to seasonal use or taking a vehicle off-roading. If the GPS is unable to acquire a signal, it would be incredibly easy to program the car to become disabled, thus making the vehicle useless.

Making a move to impact how people drive through “big brother” systems has already gone too far. As we have seen, they will use them to disable your vehicle remotely, and the more involvement the government has with our freedom, the more they will limit it. Time and time again, the liberals have chipped away at our freedom. If this comes to pass, it will be just like the CA emission standards are; everywhere.