British Cops Turn in Their Guns Rather Than be Charged with Murder for Doing Their Jobs

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The British government placed the army on standby inside their own country Monday, when hundreds of Metropolitan Police started turning in their guns. The police action was in response to one of their own being charged with murder. The officer killed a foreign suspect who tried to run over him with his car. It wasn’t a murder, clearly.

Hundreds of cops suddenly decided it wasn’t worth carrying a gun on the job if they were going to have to face murder charges for simply doing their jobs.

It was on September 6, 2022, when an African refugee slammed his car into a police vehicle while trying to run over the unnamed officer. The officer fired a single shot that struck 24-year-old Chris Kaba in the head and killed him. He obviously showed incredible restraint and marksmanship. American cops would have shot Kaba 37 times.

To their credit, the British justice system is at least trying to keep the police officer’s identity a secret. If he ends up being found not guilty at trial, he hopefully won’t end up having his life destroyed over this.

The officer was just charged with murder this month, more than a year after the incident. The only thing we know about the officer is he is a marksman with Scotland Yard. Police have to have a permit in Britain to carry a firearm on duty. Once the officer was charged with murder, Scotland Yard officers started turning in their permits and their guns en masse.

The Metropolitan Police got worried, so they called up the army to help assist with counterterrorism measures. A Ministry of Defense (MoD) spokesperson said, “We have accepted a Military Aid to the Civil Authorities (MACA) request from the Home Office to provide routine counterterrorism contingency support to the Metropolitan Police, should it be needed.”

Officers from neighboring towns had to step in and handle patrolling the British capital on Saturday. Home Secretary Suella Braverman said that British cops “must not fear ending up in the dock for carrying out their duties.”

But why wouldn’t they? Since when is it okay for some foreign invader to smash his car into a police vehicle? By definition, that is attempted murder. The cops are obviously not trusting the word of their superiors on this, and they have every reason not to.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police says, “Many [officers] are worried about how the decision impacts on them, on their colleagues and on their families. They are concerned that it signals a shift in the way the decisions they take in the most challenging circumstances will be judged.”

Some officers are even deciding they don’t want to drive police cars and are asking for foot patrol duty. Being in a police car just makes you a target for foreign invaders in the new and “improved” diverse Britain. No one is stating the obvious thing out loud in this case, which is that the criminal suspect the officer shot to death is black. In 2023, police are expected to just stand there and lose their lives if they get attacked by an African “refugee.”

So far, about 300 Scotland Yard officers have turned in their guns and their permits. Even in gun-free Britain, they know that armed cops are needed to protect the citizenry from the violent guests they’ve invited in from Africa and the Middle East. An anonymous officer who spoke with the BBC said that the officers are stepping back from carrying firearms because the risk to them and their families is “just too great.”