Bribery for Biden Showing Even More

The September 17th edition of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” welcomed Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweizer to their broadcast. With his achievements as a New York Times bestseller and Breitbart News senior correspondent, Schweizer is one of the utmost authorities on what is going on with Biden now.

While discussing how President Joe Biden was taken care of, while President Joe Biden may not have received the money directly, the way Hunter Biden processed things and moved money could be a bribery act.

“What we know is that Joe Biden has an LLC called CelticCapri through which he runs his money, and on his 2017 and 2018 tax returns, he said on his tax returns that he had $12.6 million in income during those two years. Flash forward to 2019 when he runs for president of the United States, he fills out a form from the Office of Government Ethics, a financial disclosure. During those same two years, he says on form that he only had $7.4 million in income. That’s 40% less than he told the IRS that that he had.”

As he continued, this kind of discrepancy is massive, and a $5.2 million or 40% shift in money warrants a closer look. He admits Biden must have known he would have had a harder and more thorough examination done going forward. This also would give relevance to other accusations.

“One of the reasons the House is investigating is to untangle how Joe Biden might have financially benefited from these deals. But let’s be crystal clear about this, if you look at the federal guidelines on bribery, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the international bribery standards that the Obama-Biden administration signed on to in 2011, bribery does not just entail the politician getting paid. If he was a political figure and took actions that benefited an entity that then pays your family members, and you don’t even get a dime, that still constitutes bribery.”

While his definition sounds simple, that’s because it is. This whole kickback to family and friends as bribes is an old system that the Democrats have been playing by for years. This is how such horrific ideas like the Green New Deal and such have been shoved down American throats, and all for the family and friends of people like Biden and Pelosi to benefit greatly.

For Joe, there is a huge weight of significance on the Biden name that he put there himself. Unlike a Kennedy or even a Bush, his name didn’t carry the weight he wanted it to as a kid, and now as President, it carries a weight to it he isn’t with enough to even enjoy. Instead, he has others get the enjoyment and he just sits on the sidelines like the little puppet he is. They use him and it’s exactly what former President Obama once alluded to doing.

In one interview he explained that if he could call all the shots remotely as someone else did his bidding, he would stay and run a third or maybe even fourth term. After just one term with President Trump in office, it now really looks like the worst of Obama is being played out.

For President Biden, these bribery accusations are becoming more and more cemented into the minds of the American people. They are slowly starting to see the corruption for what it is and the political motivation behind the attempts to put Trump and his associates on trial. This kind of devastating evidence is piling up, and much of it comes compliments of Daddy’s little accident Hunter.

For the boy wonder who never should have lived through his massive cocaine habits in the Navy, his hooker addictions, and the affairs with Obama’s daughter. Who was SIGNIFICANTLY younger than him. Add in his business dealings and how they are making the family look, it’s a wonder he has yet to have had an unfortunate accident. Then again, with all the money his “paintings” can launder, it’s no shocker he’s still alive. After all, he can be the glue daddy forgot how to be.