BLM Jihadis Get Probation & $500 Fine for Torching a Restaurant

RYO Alexandre /
RYO Alexandre /

Two convicted BLM domestic terrorists who burned a Wendy’s restaurant to the ground in Georgia in 2020 received their sentence last week. Under a plea agreement with prosecutors, the two arsonist jihadis who torched a business and endangered the lives of first responders received a $500 fine and five years’ probation. This wasn’t even a slap on the wrist. It was more like a slap in the face of the idea of justice.

The charges stemmed from the justified police shooting of a man named Rayshard Brooks in 2020. Brooks had passed out from heavy drug use while behind the wheel of his car in a Wendy’s drive-through in Atlanta, GA. When the police woke him up, Brooks attacked them.

Brooks overpowered one police officer and took his taser away from him. When Brooks fired the taser at the police, the other officer shot him and killed him. It was yet another case of a decorated police officer justifiably shooting a black criminal in self-defense.

Cue the BLM riots.

Two suspects named Chisom Kingston and Natalie White were convicted on two counts each of first-degree arson and conspiracy to commit arson. During the riots, they set the Wendy’s restaurant on fire, because it was somehow the poor Wendy’s franchise owner that Rayshard Brooks passed out from drugs in their drive-through.

BLM terrorists then blockaded nearby streets so that the fire department couldn’t get there, ensuring the total destruction of the restaurant. Take that, Wendy’s!

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who represents Georgia in Congress, highlighted the absurd two-tiered system of justice at work in this sentencing: