Biden’s Mum After He Financed Attack on Israel

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

President Joe Biden doesn’t need forgiveness from the American people or God. He knows exactly what he does. When he gave Iran access to $6 billion because it is used for peaceful purposes, he knew exactly what he was doing. He was greenlighting them to use $6 billion to fund Terrorism.

As reported by Newsweek, “Canadian journalist Daniel Boardman wrote on X that, after Biden allowed the money to be released to Iran, “now Hamas, one of the terrorist proxies they brag openly about funding, is launching a sophisticated and expensive attack on Israel. Foreign Policy matters.” Bryan E. Leib, executive director of the group CASEPAC (Combating Antisemitism Everywhere!), wrote that “the carnage that’s unfolding in #Israel right now is a direct result of what happens when Joe Biden emboldens Iran. #Hamas would not be able to operate if not for the $$ from Tehran.”

Tehran and Hamas have been connected for decades. By entrusting the Iranian regime with a check this big, there is no way the President couldn’t have seen this kind of an uprising coming at all. When you give someone an influx of cash, they can move money around. Use previously “good” money to fund evil, and replace it with new “good” money, and nobody is the wiser. It’s a trick as old as time, and one people like Biden already know well of.

That math combined with the history of funding Hamas in Iran makes the end results incredibly clear. Yet nobody bothered to look for this kind of connection. It was back in mid-September that Biden announced the prisoner swap and the release of funds. It was only but a week later that Hamas and Palestine got the nod from Iran to gear up. At that time, missiles, bombs, and fighters were positioned in place.

Given the lawlessness that perpetuates much of the Middle East, moving these fighters around like pawns on a chessboard was easier than it would be here in the US. That money only sped their movement up, greased some palms for some open windows to travel, and ensured their timing. With a music festival going on in the vicinity, they found an area to go after damn near any person they encountered.

In essence, this would be the same as FDR giving Hitler just over $270 million in 1939 just before they invaded Poland.

Financing terrorism like this not only has the potential to send the globe into WWIII, but it also is something impeachable. If President Joe Biden isn’t up on charges for this by the end of the year, we must examine who we are sending to DC. We must ask the tough questions of our elected leaders, and one of the hardest questions is going to be about the results they are getting for our votes. Are they putting their people before the party?

With Joe Biden, we know the people he is putting first are his family and friends. Then his party, then the American people. Financing Iran and vicariously Palestine with this money has already cost multiple American lives. We lost our own people at the music festival, and in Gaza. We have two elected leaders who were forced to take shelter and hide during the attacks before fleeing. All of this was granted through Biden’s financing.

Oil shot up as a result and the markets will ultimately become even more unpredictable. With the incessant push to go green, the shutdown of oil refineries and gas processing plants, as well as oil fields that Biden forced plugged are all going to send our fuel prices soaring in the coming weeks and months if this conflict continues. In the Bible, they foretold of times and conflicts like this. The signs are there, and Biden is certainly the serpent depicted too.