Biden’s Border Blunder Casts Doubt on His Ability to Serve as President

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In a recent exchange, President Biden exhibited confusion regarding the motivations driving the Republicans’ push to impeach Secretary Mayorkas. White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich’s inquiry into the constitutionality of Mayorkas’s impeachment seemed to leave the President visibly puzzled.

The question arises: how can there be uncertainty or a lack of understanding about the necessity for Mayorkas’s impeachment? Even more astonishing, when questioned about the security of the border, Biden admitted that it is not secure and has not been for the past decade. In response to a question about whether his policies contributed to the border chaos, Biden said no.

Just so everyone can truly grasp the picture, he admits that there is an issue at the border. It is so bad that the U.S. southern border has witnessed a record of at least 6.3 million migrant encounters at and between ports of entry since Biden took office in January 2021, this is according to the latest data from the Office of Homeland Security Statistics, resulting in more than 2.4 million migrants allowed into the country. Yet, he doesn’t believe his policies are to blame, and he doesn’t understand why the Republicans are moving to impeach Mayorakas.

Texas has taken the brunt of Biden’s lax immigration policy. Governor Greg Abbott recently received assistance from the U.S. Court of Appeals, enabling him to obstruct federal border enforcement. To make lawmakers aware of the issues facing Texas, Abbott has bussed migrants to sanctuary cities, the White House, and Kamala Harris’ home. Yet, the administration has done little to alleviate the situation at the border.

Last month, the Homeland Security Department revealed that the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. nearly doubled to more than six million, while arrests of suspected terrorists and violent offenders have increased dramatically.

Recently, Texas has refused to comply with the administration’s cease-and-desist letter regarding the state’s actions that have impeded Border Patrol agents from accessing part of the border with Mexico. This multibillion-dollar “operation” has Biden’s administration in a tizzy because it directs Texas Guardsmen and state troopers to police the southern border and arrest migrants who cross over without authorization.

Biden claims significant policy changes, including adjustments to the asylum system, are needed to gain better control over the border. Perhaps finishing Trump’s wall would be easier, faster, and cheaper than his proposed policy changes.

During a discussion at the U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting, the President highlighted the ongoing negotiations with Congress regarding border initiatives. Biden affirmed his readiness to take action and stressed the importance of obtaining the necessary resources. However, his readiness to take action at the border comes with additional strings attached. The legislation that Biden is pushing contains aid to Ukraine and money for Israel and Taiwan.

Following a meeting with Congressional leaders, including House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Biden hinted at the possibility of breaking up Ukraine funding from the border funding to facilitate the passage of spending bills through Congress. Johnson acknowledged that Ukraine is leveraged to secure a border deal, with the details of these proposals playing an important role.

Of course, the 2024 presidential election is making Biden take a harder-line approach to immigration. Trump has also made immigration a central theme of his campaign. The former President regularly calls immigrants an “invasion” of the country. Republicans are strongly opposed to the White House’s use of parole, which provides temporary protection for immigrants. The Biden administration has used it for more than 140,000 Ukrainians, 76,000 Afghans, and 168,000 Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans.

In light of this, President Biden’s recent responses to Secretary Mayorkas’s impeachment and border security reveal a concerning lack of understanding and clarity. The situation raises serious questions about his ability to continue leading the country for another four years. The alarming surge in migrant encounters at the southern border, coupled with Texas’ resistance to federal directives, underscores the urgency of addressing immigration challenges.

The President’s decision to combine border funding with international aid complicates matters, raising priority concerns. The United States needs a president capable of managing the border, not someone who believes a border security bill should include funding the war in Ukraine or supplying money to Taiwan and Israel.