Biden So Far Gone He Can’t Even Lay a Wreath

Shackleford Photography /
Shackleford Photography /

Commemorating Veteran’s Day with ceremonies and speeches to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice has been a thing for sitting Presidents. One of the most moving ceremonies has been the laying of the wreath at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

President Biden kept this tradition going, and on November 11th, he went to Arlington to present the wreath from the Oval Office. Guided by an Honor Guard, the 80-year-old slowly and wobblily made his way and presented it. Yet, much like a computer that suddenly reboots, he stopped his return walk and stutter-stepped to turn back to the wreath. Guided by the gloved hand of the Guard, he figured out he needed to walk away.

Captured live on C-SPAN and other networks, it highlights the main concerns about his fitness for the duty of being President. This is a mentally and intelligently demanding role. It’s not just running the local bowling alley or even just balancing a checkbook. Watching this man at 80, it’s easy to see why people describe him as weak, feeble, dumb, not all there, or just old. He doesn’t need to be out on display like a statue. It’s time to put Biden away.

For decades, we help on to politicians who became senior citizens and treasured them. We took care of their needs, and we got them set up with positions that allowed them to remain respected and depended on. This meant the world to many of these once great minds to be asked for counsel. It was their great way of staying relevant, and it made them feel important.

Now, we are letting them hang on for far too long. Making a mockery of not only themselves and their legacy but the nation as a whole. They deserve better than this, and while it might be tough for many, Biden is proving that the left is allowing their people to hang on too long. It’s time for us to chase them out.