Biden Regime Now Building Camps for Illegals in National Parks

Michael Cola /
Michael Cola /

The country is now so overrun with illegal aliens that the Biden regime has been setting up camps for them in America’s national parks. Not that he asked Congress for permission to do it. He just decided to do it, and that’s that. You don’t get to have nice things anymore, Americans. The invaders take full priority!

If history is any sort of guide, it might be unwise to ever move into a “camp” that the Democratic Party sets up for you, no matter where it’s located. The Biden regime is currently in the bid process—as Republicans in Congress discovered this week—to construct an illegal alien camp in the National Park Service’s Gateway National Recreation Area in New Jersey.

House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Bruce Westerman (R-AR) blasted the plan in an oversight hearing for the National Park Service this week. “Congress has a duty to conduct oversight and this committee will not tolerate seeing Biden’s bad policy destroy one of America’s best ideas,” said Westerman, referring to the national parks that were supposed to be set aside and protected for the benefit of Americans.

While Westerman has given some good soundbites on the issue, it seems like that is all that House Republicans are capable of doing these days. Despite having a majority in the House of Representatives, they continue to cave to Joe Biden and the Democrats on every spending issue. Look no further than last week’s battle between Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy over the Continuing Resolution if you doubt this.

Have you ever seen a refugee camp? Any national park where Joe Biden sets these camps up is going to be destroyed in an ecological disaster. Maybe Republicans will be able to block funding for this, but no one should hold their breath.

Here’s Rep. Westerman talking about this issue: