Biden Kept Secret Sat Phone to Contact Hunter

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As investigations into the Biden crime family continue, the missing link between allegations of Joe Biden being connected to his son, Hunter’s, less than honorable business deals have finally come to light.

During a recent airing of Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Features,” Peter Schweizer of the Government Accountability Institute said that a satellite phone account, paid for by a Hunter Biden business, was found. It belonged to Joe Biden during the time he was Vice President of the United States under Barack Obama.

As you well know, it has been alleged for years now that Hunter Biden involved his father while he was VP to help orchestrate a number of business deals. Of course, both Hunter and Joe have denied such, saying that they never had any business together.

However, recent evidence has found that Hunter, or at least one of his companies at the time, used to pay for a rather secretive satellite phone account. And it is perceived this is how Joe and Hunter kept in such close contact during the time it has been alleged that they were “working together.”

As Schweizer said, “It’s interesting, what is the line of communications between Hunter Biden and his business partners and Joe Biden when he’s vice president of the United States? It’s not the government phone, it’s not Joe Biden’s personal phone.”

Instead, it seems to be a private “global phone where you could access somebody anywhere around the world.” And according to recently found records, “It was from AT&T, it was $300 a month.”

And now that that phone account and its information have been turned over to the House Oversight Committee, the hope is that its records will be subpoenaed and any communications will be found.

Perhaps this was the phone Biden used when discussing the infamous Burisma deal Joe and Hunter had in Ukraine.

In any case, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities – and a whole new set of problems for the Biden crime family.