Biden Caught Doing Work for Hunter’s Business Deals by Government Email

Darshana Photos /
Darshana Photos /

After Biden’s official alias from 2016 was made public, emails involving him and Hunter Biden doing business have surfaced. With 27 emails to “Robert L. Peters,” Hunter’s laptop revealed mostly personal emails, but others delve into American governmental business. That same alias received emails addressed and intended clearly for Joe Biden and was sent from the same “” domain.

The “Robert L. Peters” name also had a “” email address assigned. According to numerous sources, this is a domain for the Executive Office of the President and encompasses multiple assets. The Secret Service, Executive Office of the President, National Security Staff, and White House Communications Agency (WHMO) all use this network, and as such, it meets or exceeds WHCA’s Primary Alternative Contingency Emergency (P.A.C.E).

Kash Patel, former Deputy Assistant to former President Donald Trump and Deputy Director of National Intelligence, explained that this is highly unusual to use an alias like this. As she explained to Breitbart News, this makes the Clinton email server child’s play.

“Hillary’s home-brew ain’t got nothing on Robert Peters government funded money laundering operation. Joe Biden used taxpayer dollars, while vice president to set up an ‘offshore’ style email server — based in the White House — to route all of his emails regarding his and Hunter’s business dealings with the Chinese, Ukrainians, and others. As the sitting vice president, we have now seen direct evidence that Joe Biden tied himself to his son’s illegal bribery schemes from the halls of the White House. Where are the indictments?”

People have been asking questions about his aliases for years now, and nothing has been done about it. It’s time Biden finally be held accountable for his actions to sell or at least rent the presidential office. God knows it’s the American people who ended up paying anyway.