Bad News for Biden Campaign Spotted Rolling Down Ohio Road

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Consolidated News Photos /

We all know Biden’s not exactly in good shape for another presidential campaign or election. And the signs that everything seems to be against him just got a little worse.

According to Jason DeRusha of WCCO in Minnesota, the Democratic Party is about to produce another presidential candidate and contender for Biden’s seat. It comes in the form of Democratic Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota.

According to DeRusha, a friend of his in Ohio spotted a bus labeled “Dean Phillips for President” rolling down the road in her home state. As was noted in the video and picture attached, slogans on the bus included “Make America Affordable Again” and “Everyone’s Invited.”

And no, this isn’t some sort of scam.

Apparently, Phillips is definitely making plans to hit the campaign trail as a Democratic alternative to Biden; in particular, he’s noting that he’s much younger and still has his wits about him.

In August, he told NBC’s Chuck Todd that Biden should step aside, as it’s clear that he can no longer do what’s best for the country due to his age and mental health issues. Naturally, he’s now positioning himself as the perfect replacement for the octogenarian.

“I’m representing what I believe to be the majority of the country that wants to turn the page, tired of the meanness and the fear-mongering of Donald Trump, would like to see Joe Biden, a wonderful and remarkable man, pass the torch, cement this extraordinary legacy.”

Now, of course, Phillips isn’t exactly well known, so the chances of him actually winning the presidency or even beating out Biden are pretty slim.

However, the fact that he’s entering is just more proof that whole swaths of the country no longer see Biden as the man for the job. And that will only become clearer as Phillips and the other Democratic and independent contenders prove that Biden is too far past his prime.

Even without Phillips’s launch into the equation, polling suggests a Trump win against Biden, RFK Jr, and Cornel West.