AOC Thinks There’s No Reason for Biden To Face Impeachment, Ready To Go When Conservatives Are

James Andrews1 /
James Andrews1 /

Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) spoke with the Independent on June 21st about Rep Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) announcement on June 20th that she will introduce a privileged resolution to impeach President Biden.

“I mean, they don’t have any grounds,” said AOC. “They don’t have any legislation. They’re doing this because they can’t even agree amongst themselves that what to put on the floor.” When asked about the challenge from conservatives, she claims it’s a bluff. “I don’t welcome it because I think we should actually be working for real issues that matter.”

Her ego and bravado are echoed across the left’s platform, with many claiming that this is a tremendous waste of time and taxpayer resources. They don’t see a point in going after a sitting president as well as his son, Hunter, and other family members.

Never mind that impeachment will allow them to use resources to uncover the depths of his depravity. Given how well the family has kept records, and how much has already leaked out, it would look like there is a lot to discover. When their side has people like Rep Maxwell Frost (D-FL) claiming people don’t care, that’s horrific.

“They should talk with their constituents and if they’ve knocked on a single door in their life, they would realize that people want to talk about affordable housing, health care, gun violence, climate crisis, jobs, wages, prices, and not wasting time on things like impeaching President Biden, for what for being the president.”

Frost, it’s not him being the president that’s the problem. It’s what he and his family have done with that position as well as others he has been elected to. They are putting the lives of average Americans at risk with their horrendous decision-making and corruption. By putting their special interests and pockets before the American people not only is the presidency tarnished, but so is the whole damn institution.