Top Rapper Admits Black Community Identifies with Trump

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If you’re black, Biden fully expects you to vote for him, according to past comments. But as rapper 50 Cent has recently stated, that’s looking less and less likely.

That message was heard on Wednesday when the star traveled to Washington, D.C., and met with several congressional members. When CBS News congressional correspondent Nikole Killion asked him about who he was supporting in November, 50 Cent (whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III) made note of a not-so-startling trend.

He said I see (black men) identifying with Trump because they got RICO charges.” Naturally, the rapper was referring to the trumped-up RICO charges the 45th president faces in Georgia concerning the 2020 election.

The rapper himself has refused to pick one candidate or the other.

Earlier in the year, he made headlines when he said, “Maybe Trump is the answer” and “I think Trump’s gonna be president again.”

He’s also made a few social media posts, as well as a few rants which seem to support the former president. Then again, there are also a few that seem to not help him. So, who knows at this point who 50 Cent will choose?

However, the black community as a whole is looking a little more decided.

Poll numbers continue to show a shift in black votes and support from the political left to more right-leaning candidates, particularly when it comes to Trump.

Why? Well, as the rapper mentioned, many are beginning to identify with him. Undoubtedly, they also have seen what these last four years of Biden have done, with rising taxes, skyrocketing inflation, higher crime, an ongoing border crisis, etc.

Naturally, they agree that Biden has not done what he promised. And they remember that just four years ago, we had a president who did back his word and actually worked for all Americans.