Ain’t Too Proud to Beg: Biden Accepts Reelection Donations from Questionable Sources

lev radin/
lev radin/

Democrats are crowing over President Joe Biden’s fundraising accomplishments, firm in their belief that money can, once again, buy elections. 

Biden’s campaign communications director Michael Tyler took to the press to boast, “The numbers are in, and there’s no hiding the stunning and embarrassing lack of enthusiasm for the Republican candidates running for president. President Biden and Vice President Harris significantly out-raised the entire GOP field last quarter, out-raising Donald Trump by more than 2:1 and Ron DeSantis by more than 3:1.” 

The unspoken problem with Biden’s campaign donations, however, is their sources.

Take, for example, the sizeable donation from Jeffrey Katzenberg, former Disney and DreamWorks Animation chief. Two days after Katzenberg was appointed as a national co-chair for the Biden campaign, the Biden Victory Fund received $889,600 from his wife, Marilyn.

A day later, Katzenberg himself matched the donation.  

Katzenberg, however, has deep ties to communist China. In 2014, while running DreamWorks, he stated, “I’ve been to China every single month for the last two and a half years because it’s a place of incredible opportunity right now.

He added, “We have enough characters and stories to create a unique, new kind of theme park experience. We’re building an animation studio in the middle of Shanghai called ‘Dream Center.'” 

The Dream Center was a 2012 DreamWorks expansion into China and included a multi-billion-dollar agreement with the Chinese government to build a studio in Shanghai.  

The deal increased the number of U.S. films that could be released in China and was struck shortly after then-Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met with then-President Barack Obama. Following the meeting, Xi traveled to Los Angeles and met with Katzenberg to participate in a ceremony cementing the deal.

Co-incidentally, Biden was also heavily involved with pushing Hollywood into China. 

The agreement was flagged by the Securities and Exchange Commission for investigation, including violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act through bribery of Chinese officials to gain access to the Chinese market.  

Even after leaving DreamWorks, Katzenberg remained in contact with China. Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba contributed over a billion dollars to Katzenberg’s WndrCo for its launch of NewTV, a mobile-first short-form content platform. 

But Katzenberg isn’t the only problematic donor to the Biden campaign.  

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman donated nearly $700,000 to the Biden Victory Fund. He also donated over $1.5 million to Biden’s 2020 campaign.  

Hoffman was discovered to have been a visitor to Little St. James, Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island, in 2014. This was the only confirmed time that Hoffman stayed, but he made plans for several return visits throughout 2014.  

Hoffman often donates to shadow groups not required to report their funding. In 2018, he funded a group that falsely implied Alabama Republican candidate Ray Moore was supported by the Russian government. 

Biden was the guest of honor at Hoffman’s fundraiser in June. 

The Soros family is set to donate to Biden as well, with Alexander Soros tweeting that he’s “ridin’ with Biden.” Alexander, son of socialist billionaire George Soros, has been to the White House more than fourteen times during the Biden presidency.

His father donated $178 million to the Democratic nominees during the 2022 midterm elections, with an additional $140 million invested into politically charged non-profit organizations in 2021. 

In fact, since January 2020, Soros’ family donated an estimated $500,000 million in dark money to nonprofit groups targeting Democrat causes. The monies come from Soros’ Open Society Foundations network, a group of nonprofits reaching across the globe. Money donated to one group frequently channels to other groups in the organization before landing in Democrat coffers. 

While it’s not clear how much money the Soros syndicate will throw behind Biden this election cycle, it’s a safe bet that they will bankroll the president’s bid for reelection.  

The saying that a man can be judged by the company he keeps is proven in Biden’s readiness to accept donations from questionable sources such as these. And it seems he has friends all over the globe, from Russia to Ukraine and China.