Your Favorite NYC Hotel Could Become a Home for Asylum Seekers / /

New York City is being inundated with illegal immigrants. Some of that has to do with bussing from Republican states like Texas and Arizona to take the pressure off of them. And some of it has to do with illegal immigrants finding their way to the Big Apple on their own.

Mayor Eric Adams has already pointed his finger at Biden, saying that the reason why NYC is dealing with all of these additional people is because of poor immigration policies.

And since Biden (and DHS Secretary Mayorkas) is doing absolutely nothing about it, Adams has to do something. And that something isn’t going to win him any points with tourists.

The historic Roosevelt Hotel is now being turned into a “centralized intake center for all arriving asylum-seekers.” This was announced by Adams in a recent press release.

Does he really have a choice in the matter? No. There are simply too many people showing up to the city and something has to be done. It’s a humane way to deal with it – especially since ICE has been instructed not to bother with such things as deportation.

Of course, deportation could solve a LOT of the problems in NYC as well as throughout the border states. Just imagine – if New York is dealing with this, what do you think El Paso, TX is faced with right about now?

With the Roosevelt Hotel now being used to deal with asylum seekers, it’s one less hotel for tourists to be able to book when they want to visit the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and all of the other attractions that NYC is known for.

The hotel won’t be offering rooms for tourists. Instead, they’ll be offering services to help the illegals as well as providing shelter for those who have nowhere else to stay. Hundreds of individuals are showing up to the city daily – and the Roosevelt is likely not going to be the last city that gets converted, either.

Perhaps when tourists can no longer travel and cities start losing their revenue, Biden will finally figure out that the flow at the border has to be corked.