VP Harris Gets Excited by “Yellow School Buses”

Daniel Hernandez-Salazar/shutterstock.com

Vice President Kamala Harris has been a lightning rod for controversy every time she opens her mouth lately. It’s not just divisive statements that are driving the controversy though. Instead, she keeps saying incredibly stupid, contradictory, or ill-informed comments. On October 26th she found a way to bring these lows to a whole new level, even for her.

Speaking at Lumen Field in Seattle, WA, she was there to discuss the $1 billion award to school districts to replace older school buses with new electric ones. Funding for this move came from the bipartisan 2021 infrastructure bill. With four of these new buses serving as the backdrop to her speech, she had all the tools in place to set the stage for her to make some incredibly Biden-like comments.

“Who doesn’t love a yellow school bus, right? Can you raise your hand if you love a yellow school bus? Many of us went to school on the yellow school bus, right? It’s part of our experience growing up. It’s part of nostalgia, a memory of the excitement and joy of going to school to be with your favorite teacher, to be with your best friends, and to learn. The school bus takes us there.”

While these comments her excitement just leaked out of her and all over the floor. The attendees were simply floored by how she was turning this into a childlike celebration of the yellow school bus. People across the globe were having the most fun with this via Twitter. People implored that she breaks into the classic “Wheels on The Bus”, proclaiming that she made Fetterman look amazing, or that people need to find themselves a partner who loves them like Harris does the Venn diagram and school buses.

She sets herself up for this, and so does her boss. The same day at a different event the President gave a speech about getting rid of what he called “junk fees” in the American economy.

“Some airlines, if you want six more inches between you and the seat in front, you pay more money. But you don’t know it until you purchase your ticket. Look, folks, these are junk fees, they’re unfair and they hit marginalized Americans the hardest, especially low-income folks and people of color.”

While that’s a basic fee all Americans who have traveled in the last 20 years know about, he acts like this is brand-new information. People have been dealing with these fees for ages. Especially if you are over 5’9” or aren’t supermodel thin. Most Americans gladly pay that fee for the extra legroom, just like they do to sit in first class.

They see the value in the seat with more room and usually more “perks” like free inflight snacks, or a free drink or two. It makes the flight go by faster (in the mind), and with more comfort. So perhaps he should be taking aim at the price gouging that happens just beyond the TSA checkpoints. The land where a $1.25 bottle of water is suddenly $4.75, and a $3 ciabatta roll with two pieces of ham and a ¼ slice of Swiss cheese becomes a $12 sandwich.

As a duo, these two are making the White House into a massive mockery. There is no respect left for the office as these two are running it into the ground with their stupidity. Biden makes arguments and moves toward causes that do nothing but support the proof that the man has dementia. Harris gets more excited than a little kid about cast-off projects that should be announced by a secretary.

These two are about to drive the country off a cliff, and they don’t even acknowledge how horrifically they have destroyed the fabric of America. Now, the only way to stop it is with the massive Republican voting turnout at midterms.