Special Counsel’s Tries Hard to Justify FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Overreach

rblfmr / shutterstock.com

Here we go again with the DOJ’s witch hunt against Donald Trump. Special counsel Jack Smith and his team are working overtime to undermine the former president. Late Monday night, they filed yet another motion with previously unseen images and a lengthy 30-page document to dismiss Trump’s effort to get the classified documents case thrown out. They’re trying to sway public opinion with flashy photos and convoluted arguments.

The prosecutors are arguing over how Trump stored his documents, claiming he irresponsibly mixed top-secret papers with personal mementos. They act like he stored nuclear codes next to Christmas ornaments on purpose. Let’s get real—Trump kept his documents in cardboard boxes, as many people would. These prosecutors need to get a grip.

Trump’s legal team has a valid point: the order of the documents was disrupted during the FBI’s chaotic Mar-a-Lago search. This disruption makes it challenging to piece together the context of these documents, which is crucial for Trump’s defense. In their new filing, the prosecutors tried to paint a picture of a meticulous search process, but let’s not forget the chaos they left in their wake. Boxes tipped over, papers scattered—it’s no wonder the order got mixed up!

Trump’s attorneys argue that the haphazard handling of these documents affects their defense strategy. The precise order of the papers could reveal when certain documents were placed in each box and what was next to them. The prosecutors scoff at this, but it’s a legitimate point. The FBI’s photos show the disarray they created. Even Trump’s valet, Walt Nauta, captured the mess in December 2021, proving that the boxes were mishandled long before the current investigation.

Despite the DOJ’s flashy presentation, they can’t escape the fact that they’ve made a mess of this investigation. They try to reassure us that the “box-to-box integrity” has been maintained, but who are they kidding? Their chaotic approach has compromised the very integrity they claim to uphold.
The prosecution also had the nerve to twist the facts about internal FBI emails. Trump’s defense pointed out that these emails showed that the agents knew there were issues with handling the boxes. The prosecutors, trying to cover their tracks, claim these emails were about new classified material found after the search. It’s just another example of their double standards and selective transparency.

And let’s talk about the prosecutors’ ridiculous claim that Trump’s various explanations undermine his defense. Of course, Trump declared the documents personal and declassified—he was the president! The idea that the order of these documents somehow disproves his knowledge of their contents is absurd. The prosecutors are clutching at straws to make their case.

The court needs to see through this charade. Trump’s efforts to get the case dismissed are not baseless—they’re a response to a fundamentally flawed investigation. The DOJ is throwing everything they can at him, hoping something sticks. This latest filing is another desperate move in their attempt to derail Trump. It’s time for the court to call out this witch hunt for what it is and put an end to this nonsense.