Remember When Obama Offered Jeremiah Wright Hush Money in 2008?

Gil Corzo /

It’s time for Barack Obama to be charged with a serious felony or maybe even chop one crime up into 34 felonies. We’ve been reliably assured by people on television that paying hush money to a person to sway the outcome of an election is a huge crime. So… where are the handcuffs for Barack Obama?

Obama committed the crime back in 2008, the first time he ran for president. It turns out that Obama and his “wife,” Michelle, had been attending the church of a guy named Jeremiah Wright for decades. Wright was an obnoxious, anti-American “preacher” whose insults to the USA were not very well appreciated by normal people in the post-9/11 era.

Wright’s sermons were so obnoxious that it stood to reason that anyone who had attended his church must also hate America. The Obama campaign was very worried that this would get out publicly, so Barack decided to try to shut Jeremiah Wright up.

While Donald Trump never had any direct knowledge of the extortion scheme that Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels ran behind his back, Barack Obama was directly involved in the attempts to bribe Jeremiah Wright.

Obama even went so far as to attend a secret meeting with Wright at his church. He offered Wright $150,000 in campaign money if he’d agree to not publicly speak again in 2008 until after the election.

“It’s gonna hurt the campaign if you do that,” Obama told Wright as he was offering him the bribe. So, there’s no question that Obama was offering the hush money bribe to directly sway his presidential election.

Since we now know that hush money payments—even ones that happen after an election like the Stormy Daniels one—are illegal, it’s time to slap the cuffs on Barack Obama and put him away. So what if the statute of limitations expired years ago? It’s our understanding that the courts ignore those these days!