Biden Finds a Wall He Supports

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When it comes to borders, and walls, some would say that Joe Biden is strictly against them. Or at least that is the message sent by his complete lack of concern for what is going on around our southern national border.

But it seems that when it comes to more personal matters, walls and borders are completely fine.

That much became evident recently when pro-Palestinian protesters marched on Washington, DC.

The Saturday protest saw thousands of demonstrators marching in the street, carrying a “two-mile long” red banner listing all the “martyrs” of the Hamas/Israel conflict. And by martyrs, they mean all the Palestinians who have died since Hamas decided to bomb Israel on October 7.

According to Answer Coalition’s (a group participating in the march) social media posts, the red banner signifies the “red line” they want Biden to establish to end Israel’s military actions. So naturally, the protest was supposed to be a further incentive for Biden to do something more concrete about the issue.

Of course, as most liberally led protests go these days, things got out of hand a bit.

An encampment sprung up on the Ellipse Park area south of the White House as the protest continued into the evening. Smoke bombs were thrown over the fence and onto the White House lawn. Nearby historical sites and statues, such as that of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square, were defaced and vandalized.

In anticipation of the protest, Biden had his security double down despite the fact that he wasn’t even in town but in France.

Among the many fortifications and barriers, extra fencing was added to the White House grounds.

Naturally, many took note of the added security and compared it to the lack thereof at the southern border. As you know, walls at the border have been described by Biden and his lackeys as “racist” for the last few years. But apparently, when it comes to Biden’s own security and home, the same cannot be said.


Clearly, there’s a disconnect here…