Biden Brag’s About NATO Expansion While Ignoring His Middle East Fiascos at West Point

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President Joe Biden took to the podium at the recent West Point graduation ceremony, proudly highlighting NATO’s expansion, his Middle East maneuvers, and efforts to curb military sexual assaults. Let’s dissect this grandstanding.

Biden avoided mentioning former President Donald Trump but took the chance to draw contrasts subtly. Democrats are always trying to convince us that values like democracy and alliances are teetering on the brink. Biden claimed, “Every generation must defend democracy… Now it’s your turn.” This is the same old tune, trying to paint Republicans as threats to democracy.

He also boasted about standing with Ukraine, framing NATO as “the greatest defense alliance in the history of the world – stronger than ever.” Sure, NATO is strong, but let’s not pretend this newfound strength is solely because of Biden. Sweden and Finland joining is a positive step, but it’s not the magic wand for all international issues.

In the Middle East, Biden is treading on thin ice. While backing Israel in its conflict with Hamas, he praised the US military for quickly building a pier off Gaza’s shore to deliver humanitarian aid. But let’s be clear: this “record time” construction didn’t just happen because Biden said so. Our military’s efficiency has always been there despite the fluctuating support from different administrations.

Biden’s speech also veered into controversial territory with his comments on using military force. He declared, “If anyone targets American troops, we will deliver justice.” This came after ordering drone strikes against Iranian-backed militants in Jordan. Strong words, but actions will always speak louder.

On the home front, Biden highlighted a decrease in military sexual assaults and harassment, noting, “For the first time in nearly a decade, rates of sexual assault and sexual harassment have gone down across the active-duty forces.” While any progress in this area is welcome, remember that it’s not just Biden’s policies but years of advocacy and reforms driving this change.

Overall, Biden’s address was a mix of self-praise and carefully chosen achievements, aiming to bolster his image without diving into the deep waters of ongoing controversies. It’s a classic political move – take credit where you can and sidestep the rest. But the American people see through the smoke and mirrors. We need accurate results, not just speeches.