UK to Ban Sex Offenders from Trying to Switch Genders to Hide Their Identities


Over the past year, more than 12,000 sex offenders in Britain have pretended to change their names and genders, in order to hide from the country’s sex offender registry. New legislation introduced by British Home Secretary Suella Braverman would ban people from switching their identities in order to hide their identities.

Under the current British system, the Department for Work and Pensions, the British Passport Office, the DVLA, and the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) don’t talk to each other. The DBS is the agency that does the background checks and is supposed to keep sex offenders from getting hired as teachers or nursing home attendants where they can get at new victims. But the different agencies don’t communicate with each other.

Right now, it is solely the responsibility of the sex offender to report himself to the DBS if he switches his name or gender. If a sex offender goes to the Passport Office and tells them he’s a woman now and has a new name, they have to take him at his word, and they don’t notify the DBS.

Under Braverman’s plan, all those offices that handle people’s identities would be merged so that they can share information across departments. This would prevent sex offenders from changing their gender and name just to get off the sex offender registry. It would also automatically bar them from getting rehired as teachers and other jobs working around vulnerable people and children.

Sexual predators have been having a field day with this insane new transgender ideology. Fortunately, many in the British government have had about enough of this nonsense and are taking active steps to put a stop to it. If only our own politicians here in America were brave enough to draw a line in the sand like this.