Times up Biden…and the Midterms Are About To Prove It As More Blue Voters Turn Red From Anger

Ron Adar/shutterstock.com

With midterm elections lurking just around the corner, Democrats are frustratingly skating on razor-thin ice. Joe Biden’s mumbo-jumbo rhetoric is leaving voters with significant doubts over the old man’s cognitive ability to react quickly and firmly to the myriad of America’s growing laundry list of issues. His sluggish laziness has infested his entire administration as the skies keep growing gloomier for Democratic hopefuls.

They want to know how the administration is going to paint its blank canvas of victories. How much truth twisting is it going to take and what’ll the final story be so they can at least all be on the same page.

In a virtual meeting, Democratic governors from around the country expressed their fears and disappointments over having to goose-step unarmed into the midterms.

One of the governors said it would be a detrimental mistake to flaunt any of Biden’s previous actions since they aren’t working so well. They all attested to being scared poopless that Biden’s brain is running on empty. He doesn’t have any new ideas that probably wouldn’t work anyway, but it would at least be nice if they were given something to lie about. 

Their frustration has steamed to the boiling point. It’s not just the absence of new ideas that have the governors prematurely cleaning out their desks. They say it’s too little too late for new false hopes and promises. Their ailing poll numbers have already spoken.

In a brazen political attempt to recover credibility once the outcome of the depressing meeting was leaked, a spokesperson for the Democratic Governors Association tried to make light of it. “These calls are anything but tense,” said David Turner. “Governors and their teams find these calls useful and productive, and good forums to share information on policies with each other.” Whatever you say, Dave…

This certainly wasn’t the scene last month when things got ugly on Capitol Hill. Democratic members of the House huddled up with senior administration officials expecting to receive battle plans for countering the free gas cards and baby formula being handed out by Republicans in their districts. They’re especially targeting Democrat voters who are pissed at Biden, and that’s most of them. 

The lawmakers walked away empty-handed. Instead, they were told to focus on what got Biden elected in the first place. Promise things he hasn’t done but will still get around to. Blame his failures on Republican obstruction. They won’t let him save America. Vote ‘em all out!

It’s a bad time to be a Democrat with out-of-control inflation, gas prices already through the roof, SCOTUS body-slamming liberals, shortages of this and that, and not a single ray of hope on the horizon.

White House aides are said to be in no rush to change any strategies. They say these things take time and that slow and steady wins the race. The obvious problem is, what’s gonna be waiting at the finish line if there’s even a finish line left to reach?

Former press secretary for Barak Obama, Robert Gibbs, attempted to explain the dilemma. “Everybody always feels like the greatest enemy to any administration or to progress is time. The challenge is that the arc of governing doesn’t always adhere to Twitter time.” 

“Right now,” he continued, “There’s a balancing act between the administration wanting to make steady progress because there aren’t quick solutions to a lot of these challenges while also conveying a sense of urgency.” 

What Gibbs doesn’t get is that voters need to see at least a smidgen of progress for them to believe that anything is being done, but instead, things just keep getting worse. Times up, Biden.