The Disarming of America

Well, they’re at it again. Lawmakers are scrambling to disarm us.  Mass shootings are yet again being cited as the basis of the gun grab underway in America. High-capacity magazines and assault-style rifles are first on the list. Next up they’ll go after your handguns, and soon enough, you’ll need a background check and permit for a pellet gun. This is all in the name of keeping us safe, folks.

The truth of the matter is, none of this has anything to do with keeping us safe. This is about keeping under the proverbial thumb of the government.

In a country founded on rebellion, the smartest idea for those in power would be to disarm a troublesome population likely to revolt if it catches wind of tyranny. Lately, people have begun to realize that the laws only apply to the masses and the people in power do not follow the laws they create. Slowly, the citizens of this country are growing weary of quasi-dictatorship and non-representative politics.

For the people, by the people has become a joke. Elections are questionable at best and those elected officials no longer fight for the will of the people. Instead, corporate greed has infiltrated the highest offices in the land. Decisions are made, not by the people, but by the elected officials who stand to make a profit. Public service has become a platform from which an elected official can make millions to line their own pockets, while the average person fights to make a living.

This is a dangerous time for those in power. The government is openly thumbing their noses at Americans, stopping just short of shouting “Let them eat Cake!” People are beginning to notice.

Under the guise of public safety, they seek to disarm any potential dissenters. Those in power are well aware that disarming a law-abiding population does nothing to stop mass shootings or crime. This isn’t about the safety of the population.

Criminals, by definition, don’t care about the laws in place. That’s what makes them criminals. More restrictive gun laws just mean unarmed targets to them. Increased restrictions assure them that the people they are intent on robbing or murdering cannot fight back. Yet, our government discusses disarming the citizens of this country as if it will stop criminals. It won’t. It will stop law-abiding citizens from being able to effectively defend themselves from criminals in any form.

Consider the fact that most mass shootings occur in gun-free zones. According to a study by The Crime PreventionResearch Center, a whopping 98% of all mass shootings occur in “Gun-Free Zones.”

Gunmen want “Soft Targets.” Schools, Night Clubs, and Airports all have measures in place to ensure that the people that enter are unarmed. An armed intruder knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that his victims are defenseless.

Isn’t it odd that there’s never been a mass shooting at the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia? Why is that? Well, targets in places like that are very likely to not only shoot back but be adept at doing so. Yet, the same politicians that tout the benefits of the massive US nuclear arsenal as a “Deterrent” to nuclear attacks are now telling us that we should turn in our guns? The irony is too much to bear.

It seems to me that whenever I see politicians demanding gun control and more restrictions for the American people, those politicians are, themselves, surrounded by gunmen. Following the Capitol Attack, Nancy Pelosi, an anti-gun advocate, saw no irony in demanding a monetary supplement to hire armed guards for her palatial California estate. President Biden, unsurprisingly, cannot see the irony in calling for gun control while surrounded by armed guards, National Guardsmen, and secret service agents. Once again proving that the rules are for the people, not the powerful.

Ignoring the somewhat questionable timing of these mass shootings, and further ignoring the political value of the same, we Americans are left to sit back and watch the politicians we elected to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights, use these incidents to infringe on the very rights they were elected to protect. We are all expected to ignore the obvious implications of these infringements. If given their way, only the government and those willing to violate the law will be armed. The average law-abiding citizen will be left at the mercy of both.

The fact is, an armed American is a safe American, both from criminals and elected officials. Too often, the titles are interchangeable.