“Terroristic Threats!” Now a Part of the Democratic Campaign in Arkansas

Filip Bjorkman/shutterstock.com

Democratic nominee for Arkansas auditor Diamond Arnold-Johnson found herself getting a nice new set of bracelets as a reward for her on October 28th. Not Tiffany, Tennis, or even Figaro. Rather these were new steel bracelets compliments of the Arkansas State Police. All because of her choice of words turning into “terroristic threats.”

Per a news release, this all kicked off because Arnold-Johnson took the blame for her husband during his trial for “making terroristic threats” on multiple Facebook posts. She didn’t do the noble thing and admit this when he was charged and arrested, or even before trial. Instead, she waited until the middle of the trial to come clean, thus resulting in a warrant being issued back in August.

While disturbing enough that she was allowed to walk free for over two months before her arrest, it only gets worse from there. When police attempted to arrest her, she locked herself in a bathroom and proceeded to start a live stream of the events. Not for her protection, or even in the name of transparency.

Instead, she wanted to claim the officers were there to severely injure her. For added protection, she was calling anyone who would answer during all this too. In response, SWAT was called, and she decided to surrender at that point. While she could have done so very easily earlier, something about SWAT made her pay attention to commands.

This story hasn’t been picked up by the mainstream media either. Then again, this is yet another Democrat acting in an unprofessional manner, and since they can’t spin this, they want to cover it up!! Even worse, they did decide to issue a statement about it, but not truly talk about it.

“Earlier today, we were made aware that Diamond Arnold-Johnson was arrested by Little Rock Police. Everyone has the right to due process; however, our Party firmly believes people must be held accountable for any criminal behavior, especially candidates for public office. The Democratic Party of Arkansas did not recruit her to run for Auditor of State, and we cannot bar her from running for this position. We remain focused on working for a better Arkansas and winning races across the state.”

This kind of statement is the trademark for everything the left stands for. 81 words long, and it says absolutely nothing. Fluff like this isn’t what the American people need, and Arnold-Johnson is not the kind of person Arkansas needs for an auditor. Should she somehow still get a victory for this office which honestly is a trait of requirement, it won’t last long.

Instead, Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson will get to appoint her replacement. Treasurer of State Dennis Milligan, a Republican, and Libertarian Simeon Snow are the two gentlemen running against her, and either one would already do a better job than she would. It’s also not hard to achieve that though.

First-degree terroristic threatening, a Class D felony isn’t a charge that is just handed out at an officer’s discretion. Rather, it’s a charge that takes lots of factual evidence. Evidence that the Democrats are leaders in suppressing, hence why the lame-stream media isn’t picking this up. It’s unable to be spun into a positive message for the party, black political struggles, or women’s rights.

Rather, it’s a horrible situation for everyone, and if Arnold-Johnson has any semblance of decorum, honesty, taste, or integrity she will withdraw her name before election day. While it’s lovely she wants to hand the election to Milligan, it’s unfair to steal votes from Snow. Let these two men have a proper run-off after her campaign failed.

Then again, this is a black, female, Democrat running for public office in Arkansas. Statistically, her chances even before SWAT showed up were not likely to be too high.