Kari Lake Destroys Joe Biden In Smoking New Music Video

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Republican Kari Lake may have “lost” Arizona’s gubernatorial election last year but she isn’t going anywhere. She’s standing in the gap and refusing to allow Democrats to get away with the underhanded election chicanery that has affected two election cycles now in the US.

The conservative firebrand just released a new music video aimed at highlighting all the reasons why Joe Biden is the most unpopular president in US history and showcasing the contrast between him and wildly popular Republicans like herself.

The song is titled, “81 Million Votes My Ass,” referencing a comment Lake made during an appearance at a CPAC dinner. The three-and-a-half-minute video made by Lake and the Truth Bombers is a damning indictment of Joe Biden’s utter incompetence, his family’s corruption, and the lie that he somehow won more votes than any other president in American history despite not being able to attract gnats to his campaign rallies.

It prominently features video clips of Biden stumbling up the steps of Air Force One and his recent fall while giving a speech at the US Air Force Academy. It also pictures other corrupt Democrats and members of the Biden crime family, most notably Biden’s crack and hooker addicted son, Hunter.

Lake collaborated with Nashville singer and songwriter Jeffrey Steele on the song which explicitly expresses doubt that Joe Biden legitimately won 81 million votes given the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots used under the guise of COVID.


“If you would have told me two years ago, three years ago that I would be in the middle of a political movement I would have said put down Hunter’s crackpipe,” Lake says as the music kicks in and the video and images roll.

“I can’t afford the groceries, I can’t afford your gas, it’s Bidenflation across the nation, 81 million votes my ass,” the lyrics go.

Among those used in the video to prove the sheer corruption and lunacy of the radical left takeover of America are transgender TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney who has ignited several successful boycotts against major brands like Bud Light, Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping who can be seen toasting each other, along with priceless images from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell” including pictures of Hunter hanging with hookers, smoking crack and showing off his disgusting drug-damaged teeth.

The video also shows Biden sniffing children, a cackling Kamala Harris, a dancing Michelle Obama, and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accompanied by headlines of the bizarre accidents and suicides of many who have crossed her.

BizPac Review concluded:

“In terms of a political protest song, it’s a rousing appeal to those who are fed-up with Democrats and their feeble front man who have dragged America down the dark alley of third-world thuggery of questionable elections and the weaponizing of the legal system against opponents, especially former President Donald J. Trump who was just indicted under the archaic Espionage Act, a fascistic WWI-era law that has been used by Democrats to go after journalists, whistleblowers, and their political foes.”

Lake shared the video on Twitter:


Lake discussed the video and its potential to bring awareness to the ongoing need for improved election integrity.

“The fake news won’t cover it. They’ll cover everything, they’ll lie about everything but they’re so vehemently opposed to printing the truth, and if they cover this song, people are going to find out the truth,” she stated.

She’s certainly right about that. The radical left vehemently hates Kari Lake and it’s not hard to see why.

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