Biden Justice Dept Targets Donations To Jan. 6ers

( Exclusive) – Once again, the Biden administration has deployed the Justice Department as a weapon, this time targeting alleged Jan. 6 rioters, seeking to prevent them from receiving any sort of financial gain due to their involvement in the incursion that took place at the Capitol building back in 2021, according to the Associated Press.

Jason Cohen with the Daily Caller recently reported that prosecutors in over a thousand criminal cases that are tied to the events that transpired on Jan. 6, 2021, have been increasingly asking judges to slap fines and additional prison sentences in order to counteract donations that are being sent by those who support the alleged rioters. It really, really seems like the DOJ has a massive ax to grind with these folks, doesn’t it? The absolute hatred you must have in your heart for someone in order to carry out this kind of action is mind-blowing.

One of the excuses that the Justice Department has given for this course of action is concern over the actual destination of the donations because many of those facing charges have legal representation that is funded by the government, though prosecutors did admit that there isn’t anything wrong with asking for financial support to help pay for legal fees.

“Judges have levied over $350,000 in fines against more than 130 defendants since the riots occurred, AP reported. Prosecutors have sought fines ranging from $450 to more than $71,000 from at least 21 defendants so far in 2023,” Cohen wrote. “Additionally, judges have mandated hundreds of convicted rioters pay the government over $500,000 in restitution for the nearly $3 million in damage to the Capitol and other expenses related to Jan. 6, AP reported.”

A number of defendants have started online fundraising campaigns as a means of paying for legal expenses. Most of these individuals have used GiveSendGo, a Christian crowdfunding, due to the fact they are banned from raising funds on other, more popular platforms such as GoFundMe.

Daniel Goodwyn, a member of the Proud Boys from Texas, pleaded guilty to breaching the Capitol during the incident in 2021, as per information divulged by the Justice Department. He then made an appearance on former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s primetime program in March of this year where he advertised a crowdfunding platform where folks could donate cash to help him.

Now the DOJ is chomping at the bit to rip that money right out of his hands in the form of fines. Goodwyn is due to be sentenced in June.

“He received that amount in charity to help him in his debt for legal fees for former attorneys and this for unknown reasons is bothersome to the government,” his attorney Carolyn Stewart stated in court papers earlier in the month of May. She went on to describe prosecutors as “demanding blood from a stone.”

“All [Goodwyn’s] funds have gone to legal debt for previous lawyers,” Stewart asserted in a comment given to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “He raised $25k and sent it to former lawyers after also cleaning out his savings. His former lawyers demanded all money up front – for a total of $110k.”

“The lawyers were paid and he owes $75+k to those who paid his upfront legal fees,” she continued. “The DOJ’s call for a fine is its attempt to bankrupt Mr. Goodwyn out of its pure, evil spite that God will judge them for … This is political oppression by the administration.”

Former President Donald Trump recently commented during a CNN hosted town hall event that he would issue a pardon for a “large portion” of those involved in the Jan. 6 incident should he win another term in the White House.

“They’ve persecuted these people,” he said, adding that “they’re living in hell right now.”

Progressives are using federal law enforcement agencies as a means to silence their opposition and use the Jan. 6 defendants as an example to intimidate people who oppose their agenda. Let’s hope that, regardless of who it is, we get a conservative in the White House in 2024 and take full control of Congress so we can weed out progressives in positions of power who are making this all possible.

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