COVERUP: The Mysterious Death Of Obamas’ Chef… Including Unidentified Woman With Him

( Exclusive) – At this point, you have to sort of wonder if former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama are purposefully attempting to create conspiracy theories around the very suspicious and still unclear circumstances surrounding the death of the family’s personal chef, which occurred back in July. The things they continue […]

Trump Judge Claims Defense Should Have Started BEFORE Indictment!

( Exclusive) – What’s happening to former President Donald Trump with the numerous indictments he’s currently facing is an absolute abuse of America’s justice system and is infuriating to witness in real time. The latest outrage from this mess comes from a hearing that was held on Monday where Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is presiding […]

Border Patrol Makes Startling Admission

( Exclusive) – The crisis that has been unfolding along the southern border of the United States where millions of illegal aliens over the course of the last several years have basically just trotted into our country has caused significant issues, including a spike in crime, a mass consumption of resources, and logistical problems. Well, […]

Hunter Biden’s Stripper Ex-Girlfriend Tells All

( Exclusive) – A former exotic dancer who appears naked in several of the pictures that were found on the now infamous laptop owned by Hunter Biden, referred to him as a “shady dude” in a recent interview where, according to her, the true love of the first son’s life was, at that time, crack […]

Watch: Tucker Carlson Exposes Unreported Atrocities In Ukraine War

( Exclusive) – Retired U.S. Army Col. Douglas Macgregor sat down for an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson — who is thriving on his own, which must make his former employer furious — where he had an honest, up-front conversation about the mainstream media narrative concerning the war going on in Ukraine, […]

MUST-SEE: Matt Gaetz Reveals Eye-Opening Plan For Dealing With J6 Trump Indictment

( Exclusive) – Every single Republican in Congress should be ready to fight for President Trump in response to partisan Special Counsel Jack Smith’s latest sham indictment related to Jan. 6. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has announced his plan to fight these bogus charges. The firebrand congressman says the GOP needs to put Smith and […]

House Conservative Leader Vows ‘Not Another Dollar’ To Ukraine Until…

( Exclusive) – A very important conservative voice within the House of Representatives is standing up and demanding a shift in our nation’s foreign policy that would see the U.S. stopping all aid to Ukraine until the current administration gets off its laurels and does something to secure America’s southern border. This isn’t just a […]

President Trump Releases EPIC New Ad Exposing Joe Biden And Deep State Criminals

( Exclusive) – A brand new campaign ad from former President Donald Trump has hit the internet and it’s absolutely amazing. The ad creatively compares many of Trump’s attackers, like the special prosecutors who have been assigned by leftists Democrats to prosecute him and the high ranking progressives like twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and […]

Former Federal Prosecutor Sounds Off On Jack Smith

( Exclusive) – The left’s efforts to “get Trump” at all costs are far more corrupt and criminal than anything the former president has done. The indictments are bogus and anyone who has a clue recognizes that it all amounts to blatant political persecution. Now the former chief of the DOJ’s organized crime unit is […]

You Won’t Believe Who The U.S. Military Is Making Its Poster Boy For ‘Pride Month’

( Exclusive) – It’s “Pride Month” and that means the hijacked rainbow is being shoved into every crevice in society to remind us that the LGBT movement is taking over America and there’s nothing any of us can do about it. If you think that’s an exaggeration, just look at what’s going on in the […]

Joe Biden Says He ‘Sold A Lot Of State Secrets’… This Even Made The WH Transcripts!

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden finally admitted what everyone already knows: he’s sold out the US. Was it a gaffe? Probably, but was it true nonetheless? Yep. Biden is a national embarrassment. Just watching him try to formulate words into sentences is painful and incredibly cringey. Imagine how uncomfortable and awkward it must be for […]

Outrageous: Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Charges Against Trump Include Potential Death Penalty

( Exclusive) – The Biden regime knows Joe Biden will never beat President Trump in a free and fair election. All the tactics they used in 2020 have been exposed so now they’ve got no choice but to try and get Trump thrown in jail. On Tuesday, partisan Special Counsel Jack Smith took additional steps […]

BREAKING: Uncharged J6 Witness Ray Epps Transcript Released

( Exclusive) – The uncharged man who was identified as one of the key players who instigated the January 6th riot at the Capitol building back in 2020, Ray Epps, stated in a text message sent to his nephew that he was responsible for orchestrating the incident, as per newly released witness transcripts from the […]

‘Something Isn’t Adding Up’: Newsmax Host Shows How Seized Trump Classified Docs Fit Into One Box

( Exclusive) – It’s really too bad that liberals refuse to watch any news outlets that actually give factual information. If they did, they could have learned from Newsmax host Greg Kelly that the number of actual classified documents found in President Trump’s possession at his Mar-a-Lago home is nowhere near what the mainstream propagandists […]

Fox News Fires Remaining Tucker Staffers In ‘Shockingly Callous’ Move

( Exclusive) – Fox News has demonstrated once again that they are being run by a callous group of individuals, as the network gave the boot to the remaining members of former host Tucker Carlson’s staff after they announced their brand new primetime lineup, a report published by the Daily Caller confirmed. Brianna Lyman, writing […]

REPORT: ‘F*** Joe Biden’ Signs Ignite Legal War

( Exclusive) – It’s become common place these days for the federal government, seemingly infested with progressives who are bent on the destruction of our constitutional republic, to violate the God-given rights of the citizenry in the United States, a point put on full display by the fact that an organization in Florida that fights […]

Kari Lake Destroys Joe Biden In Smoking New Music Video

( Exclusive) – Republican Kari Lake may have “lost” Arizona’s gubernatorial election last year but she isn’t going anywhere. She’s standing in the gap and refusing to allow Democrats to get away with the underhanded election chicanery that has affected two election cycles now in the US. The conservative firebrand just released a new music […]

Chris Christie Breaks From GOP Pack… Goes For Mutilating Kids

( Exclusive) – Say, folks, did you know that former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie threw his hat in the ring for the GOP presidential nomination? Most people probably had no idea, so don’t feel bad if you weren’t in the know. There doesn’t seem to be much of a media presence for Christie at […]

BREAKING: Headlines Now Call For Investigation Of Bidens

( Exclusive) – For the second time this year, Democrats have managed to orchestrate an indictment against former President Donald Trump, which will have him making a court appearance related to his alleged handling of classified government documents. Meanwhile, there is an increasing number of editorials popping up all over the media asking why President […]

Will GOP Presidential Candidates Take Money From ‘Woke’ Companies?

( Exclusive) – There appears to be two sects within the Republican Party. The “mega MAGA” sect (as Joe Biden would call it) and the RINOs (as the mega MAGA sect would call them). The GOP presidential field reflects this division. One interesting litmus test was the Daily Caller News Foundation asking each Republican candidate […]

Donald Trump Is Asked If Ron DeSantis Would Be His VP. The Answer Is Telling

( Exclusive) – Before Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis officially announced he would be running for president, many conservative voters were hoping for a presidential ticket in 2024 that would feature former President Donald Trump with top billing and DeSantis as his right hand man. That hope seemed to be dashed to pieces after the […]

What The Devil? FBI Director Leads Diversity Training… Gives Award To Pentagram Tattooed Biden Official

( Exclusive) – The FBI has gone full-blown woke. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as the agency has acted as the strong-arm for the Biden regime since he took office in 2021. Despite supposedly pulling a mandatory “sexual orientation and gender identity” course two years ago in the face of backlash, the bureau is still pushing […]

Shocking Video: Election Officials Suspected Of Reprogramming Machines

( Exclusive) – A brand new video leaked by an unnamed source seemingly exposes that officials in the ever-controversial Maricopa County in Arizona might have tampered with voting machines, reprogramming them on three different occasions (October 14th, 17th, and 18th). Why would they do this? Well, the tampering ended up causing a whopping 59 percent […]

BOMBSHELL: McCarthy Could Lose House Speakership

( Exclusive) – Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has found himself in hot water with his party and that could very well end up costing him what he treasures most: the speaker’s gavel. Before McCarthy became Speaker, he endured a marathon voting session during which the most conservative members of the House negotiated terms that […]

Hollister To Donate $250K To Org That Wants To Transition Kids

( Exclusive) – Hollister, a popular clothing brand, has now decided they too will be joining the crowd of woke retailers by offering up ridiculous LGBTQ products and donating a healthy chunk of change to an organization with the main mission of targeting kids with the left’s sick, twisted, and sexually perverse agenda. The company, […]

Biden Justice Dept Targets Donations To Jan. 6ers

( Exclusive) – Once again, the Biden administration has deployed the Justice Department as a weapon, this time targeting alleged Jan. 6 rioters, seeking to prevent them from receiving any sort of financial gain due to their involvement in the incursion that took place at the Capitol building back in 2021, according to the Associated […]

George Soros To Buy Bankrupt Media Company

( Exclusive) – If you weren’t clear on the fact that George Soros is trying to take over the world, here’s yet another sign. The Soros Fund Management (SFM) along with other investors, are set to purchase Vice Media for around $225 million after the media company filed for bankruptcy on Monday. Soros has long […]

Trump National Security Official: FBI, CIA, And DOJ Will Rig 2024 Presidential Election

( Exclusive) – K.T. McFarland, former deputy national security adviser under former President Donald Trump, recently made an appearance on Fox News host Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street program where she discussed the release of the Durham report among other topics. During the conversation, McFarland made a shocking allegation against the FBI, Justice Department, and CIA, […]

Government Watchdog: Biden Admin’s Grants To Left-Wing Projects Aim To ‘Destroy’ Conservatives

( Exclusive) – Progressives have managed to infiltrate the deep levels of our federal government, particularly when in agencies focused on law enforcement, so it’s no surprise to discover that the Biden administration has now weaponized taxpayer-funded anti-terrorism grants against conservatives, particularly Christians, creating targets out of “highly reputable conservative organizations” like The Heritage Foundation […]

Jim Jordan: ‘Power Of The Purse’ Will Be Used To Curb FBI Abuses

( Exclusive) – The FBI has become totally weaponized by the left and its partisan efforts have only become more brazen and obvious since Joe Biden took office. Americans are sick of the unchecked corruption, especially as the Biden regime uses the FBI to harass and persecute political dissidents. Now there have been so many […]