Steve Schmidt Says John McCain Was a Liar

Christopher Halloran/

John McCain was once the favorite of many people because of the unique stance he took on politics. But a recent interview opened the door a little further as to what John McCain was really like as a person. The Playbook Deep Dive interviewed Steve Schmidt, the mastermind behind McCain’s 2008 campaign for president. And he says that the candidate was not all he was cracked to be.

Steve Schmidt admits that working for John McCain was tiring. His testimony is not one of pride and satisfaction. It is one of pain and lies that came from the top and affected Schmidt’s relationship with McCain.

Schmidt has long maintained that the roots of Trumpism, which he has spent the last seven years fighting, can be found in the movement that first gathered around Palin in 2008. But Schmidt has always been more cautious about McCain, his one-time hero and the man who picked Palin. Playbook Deep Dive reported that “Previously, Schmidt has had a lot to say about his regrets playing a role in elevating Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate. Recently, though, he took to Substack to unfurl a surprising new chapter about the legendary senator and his failed 2008 campaign, which we discuss in-depth on the show.”

Schmidt had believed that McCain was an unstoppable force that people would flock to save America. But when it comes down to voting for McCain, Schmidt could not bring himself to vote for him. According to Schmidt, McCain’s behavior disqualified him from being president. He could not cast his vote for a man who violated the presidential office’s ethics.

Steve Schmidt is so enraged that he wrote, “@SarahPalinUSA You and I have unfinished business. I’ll do everything I can to make sure you never hold a position of responsibility in the United States Congress. You are an unstable, selfish, ignorant, grifting quitter. Magnificent, Majestic, Alaska deserves better.” His admission of what McCain and Palin were like is enough to cause everyone to wonder what took place behind the closed doors of the campaign.

Schmidt tells people that McCain was a liar regarding his relationship with Palin. McCain even told Schmidt that he knew the campaign was over. On one side of the coin, McCain told people that he was winning, and behind the curtain, he would lament his pending defeating.

The decision to lie to the people would ultimately be the end of McCain. No one ever wants to tell the dark secrets of a person that has passed away. But his former running mate is still active, and Steve Schmidt has the goal of getting Palin out of office.

The realm of politics is where people are either honest or have to lie to make themselves better than what they are like. The Democratic Party has taken a page out of what Schmidt says is a lie McCain told the people. The liberals are actively trying to make themselves look better than they are by lying to the people.

The Democrats could have cared less what was happening at the southern border a few months ago. But now that it is an election year, there are several Democrats that have jumped on board with the Republicans and are now demanding that Biden take action to secure the flow of illegals gaining access to America.

Even Joe Biden has lied to the American people to get what he wants out of them. He made promises during his campaign that he would strive to unite the country but has never once made a decision that would have united the people. All of his actions have served to divide the people.

Biden’s running mate was supposed to be an elite capable of accomplishing great things for the country. But all she turned out to be was a big fake that loved to accumulate titles for her resume once her tenure as vice president was finished.