So Much for ENDING Racism as Colorado Democrat Pushes Racist Tax

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Racism is bad. We all know that. And many on both sides of the political fence work tirelessly to ensure that racism no longer rears its ugly head in the United States.

Biden once said that the US suffers from systemic racism. And while it’s easy to say that it’s not true, it may run more rampant than many of us realize.

However, it’s not that it’s always obvious. In fact, many of the Democrats believe that racism is only in the form of white Americans pointing the finger unfairly at Black Americans.

While that can happen, racism is also in the form of colored people pointing the finger unfairly at white Americans. And yes, that’s a form of racism – even though Democrats will often argue otherwise.

Candi CdeBaca is a Democratic socialist who is part of the Denver City Council. She’s also running for re-election.

She wants to continue to push racism within the city by pointing out that small businesses are owned by different races. More specifically she wants to call out the white-owned businesses so that they can pay a special kind of tax. A “because you’re white” tax, if you will.

As reported by The Blaze, she’s “pushing for a race-based tax, citing the need to redistribute wealth from white-owned businesses to ‘black and brown-owned businesses.’”

Now, let’s point out that CdeBaca is a colored woman who is making six figures for her salary, and has been doing so for four years now. Yet, she is proposing this tax because “Capitalism was built on stolen land, stolen labors, and stolen resources.” Of course, she’s not looking to give up any of her salary. And she’s not even considering the fact that some of the black and brown-owned businesses may be more successful than some of the white-owned businesses.

She’s focusing on skin color alone.

You shouldn’t be surprised to find that she’s received a significant amount of ridicule for her proposal. She’s been poked fun at on the Libs of TikTok Twitter account. And Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA commented, “This is evil. This is wrong. This is racist.” He’s not wrong, and we have to hope that Denver figures out how to make sure CdeBaca is not re-elected.