So Go the States, So Goes the Nation…Dems Are Rapidly Losing Ground…It Took Joe Biden To Make It Happen

Sergey Tinyakov /
Sergey Tinyakov /

While Democrats have been focusing almost entirely on Biden’s enormous social spending bill, Republicans have had their eyes on other areas of equal, if not of greater, importance.

This is not to suggest that roads and bridges are not in need of repair, but to prioritize them over an out-of-control southern border problem, economic recovery, crime rates, rising food costs, and the many other issues affecting the daily lives of Americans is costing the Democrat’s more than they can ever possibly regain.  

Like tin ducks in an arcade, state elections have seen voters picking off Democrat candidates one by one as citizens voice their complaints in the best way they can by kicking their do-nothing butts to the curb. Even states like Virginia that have in recent years turned to the left have realized the error of their ways and are back to facing the proper direction.

It didn’t help the Democrat’s cause when Joe Biden announced in July that America had made it through the pandemic and how the worst days were behind us. His comment was almost immediately followed by a new surge of cases comparable in intensity to the first go-round. He butchered the credibility of the entire party.

Biden walked away with an easy 10 point win in Virginia in the presidential election which had Democrat voters rejoicing over the state’s change in tide. But it turned out to be a red tide that started stinking up their beloved state with the carcasses of seat warmers who never accomplished a single thing. 

Virginias newly elected governor, Republican Glenn Younkin, didn’t win in a neck-in-neck race with Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe, he buried the man. No recount is required. 

Joe Biden won the state of NJ with an even wider margin than he had in Virginia, but the landslide he experienced then isn’t helping Democrat Governor Phil Murphy get reelected now. Murphy should have been a shoo-in to keep his position but as of this moment, he’s running a tight race against incumbent Republican Jack Ciattarell who’s gathered immense support throughout the state.

While Biden has been flitting around Europe, Democrat voters, and a fair share of lefty lawmakers, have been questioning where Biden’s head is at. During his presidential campaign they all appeared to be scribbling on the same page, but these days they aren’t so certain.

Biden had a really bad summer that started with the withdrawal from Afghanistan for which he had no viable plan. Military leaders lost what little confidence they had in the guy, to begin with. Then the southern border exploded to never before seen levels as Haitians stampeded across the Rio Grande River. 

To add to this, Biden lied about sending the refugees back to Haiti, when in fact, he was all the while relocating them to major cities across the U.S. Then people started dying from COVID-19 again as food and gas prices reached disastrous levels. Need we continue?

As Republican politicians around the U.S. continue to make astounding headway by telling it like it is, liberal Democrats are pushing nonsense such as the ridiculous critical race theory. This has moms and dads who prefer their children learn the truth as opposed to fabricated fairy tales, in explosive tizzies.

Democrat voters are quickly awakening to the reality of what they did, and rest assured, things will only go further downhill from here.

Though 2024 is a still long way off, changes start a home. They start in municipalities and districts and towns and states. These are important battlegrounds that must be conquered for conservatism to gain complete control, and so go the states, goes the nation.

Do your part to help save America by casting your vote in every single election no matter how small or insignificant you think it might be. They’re all important.  If you don’t…well…you know the rest of the story. You’re living it.