Senator Rubio Feels the Wrath of Dems After Voting Against the Reconciliation Bill

Christopher Halloran/

Senator Marco Rubio is an ambitious member of the GOP. Although he’s had an unsuccessful presidential bid, he’s never afraid of speaking his mind on the Senate floor.

Democrats have been pushing hard to make “Build Back Better” come to fruition. They failed repeatedly, which means that they’ve had to get creative about other measures that are passed. That brings us to the massive reconciliation bill that finally got passed in the Senate.

Senator Marco Rubio was one who voted “no,” leaving the bill not quite as bipartisan as the Biden administration would have liked.

There’s a reason why Rubio said no. The bill is expensive and covers things like climate change that don’t need to be there.

As Rubio said on the Senate floor, “There isn’t a single thing in this bill that helps working people lower the price of groceries, or the price of gasoline, or the price of housing, or the price of clothes.”

He’s being real – and he wants to make sure that people know that he’s looking out for their best interests. He wasn’t alone, either. Rick Scott, the other Republican Senator from Florida, also voted the bill down with a resounding “no.”

Scott was recently on CBS to say that there are elements of the legislation that won’t be “popular,” including the IRS and gas taxes.

The Democrats are hoping to come for Rubio due to his vote, and that’s because he’s up for reelection in November.

The punishment? Booting him out of his seat. And they already know who they’d like to see replace him – Representative Val Demings, who has been highly supportive of the reconciliation bill.

Essentially, the Democrats want a “yes man” in the Senate seat. They know that neither Rubio nor Scott are those people. Meanwhile, Demings will regurgitate whatever Schumer and Pelosi want. She’s the perfect candidate for the Democrats.

Unfortunately, she’ll also lie to the voters in order to get them to fill in the bubble next to her name. Demings has been quick to highlight the parts of the bill that focus on subsidies from the Affordable Care Act, saying that the bill will “save Florida households thousands of dollars.”

That’s not exactly true, though. While there are nearly 2.7 million people in Florida enrolled in the federal health exchange and ACA subsidies are critical, there’s no telling how the bill could save a household thousands of dollars. Perhaps if they are extremely sick and depend on several prescriptions a month. But is that savings per month? Per year? Over the course of a 10-year period? Of course, she’s not being specific.

Early voting starts in more than 20 counties across the state of Florida on August 23. People have been choosing Rubio for over a decade, so it’s unlikely that he’ll lose this election. However, the Democrats love to play dirty, so there’s no telling what they can accomplish.

Let’s remember that Rubio is being honest with residents while Demings makes up numbers as a way of justifying the bill.

Florida has been red for a while. There’s a Republican governor, two senators, and an entire Florida legislature that is red. The likelihood of a blue senator slipping in would be a shock. Considering that Val Demings has aligned herself with the Biden administration and the Democrats can’t possibly be good for her political future.

Still, prepare to see smear campaigns against Rubio over the next several months.