Second Childhood Icon of The Week Falls to Cancel Culture: Here’s What We’ve Lost in 2021 So Far

You may have noticed by now that there is virtually nothing sacred to liberals and their puppet masters. Shaking the foundations of Americans seems to be the go-to move, and this week has been no exception.

Americans were still reeling from the “cancelation” of the beloved author known as Dr. Seuss when it was announced that a childhood cartoon character, Pepé La Lew was going to be cut from upcoming character usage due to what is being called his support for “rape culture.”

Those who experienced the cartoon as children would likely remember the enthusiastic and charismatic casanova character and his journey to win the heart of his beloved. While many would consider his advances over-the-top and certainly unacceptable in polite society, his antics were the kind of exaggerated demonstration of emotions that left Wilie Coyote hauling anvils up to cliffs and bugs bunny wrapping gun barrels into bows.

A new report from the Hollywood Reporter confirmed this week that Warner Bros. Studios has axed the character ‘Pepé Le Pew’ from ‘Space Jam’ -an upcoming movie starring NBA superstar LeBron James.

“RW blogs are mad bc I said Pepe Le Pew added to rape culture,” wrote one NY Times columnist. “Let’s see. 1. He grabs/kisses a girl/stranger, repeatedly, w/o consent and against her will. 2. She struggles mightily to get away from him, but he won’t release her 3. He locks a door to prevent her from escaping.”

“News of the character’s absence from the Warner Bros. film broke Sunday evening, days after a New York Times opinion piece called out the character, among other problematic cartoon characters, in the wake of Dr. Seuss Enterprises announcing it would stop publishing six books because of racist and insensitive imagery,” reports THR.

The article claims Le Pew “normalized rape culture.”

While the argument can be made that very little should be canceled if it was a substantial part of a generation’s history, the idea of censoring takes on a whole new meaning when a person looks at exactly what the left isn’t leaving out in the cold.

According to a report in The Daily Wire eBay has taken the cue from some of the other tech giants, and canceled Dr. Seuss from their lineup, but has kept the writings of (get this) Adolf Hitler.

The Daily Wire reported that “Dr. Seuss’ books were unceremoniously canceled over revelations of their supposed racism, Big Tech giants rallied to further enable the most recent wave of digital book burnings.”

The online selling giant apparently said they were “scouring” their open auctions for the books and they were “reviewing seller profiles, and removing the listings, which the site claims violate its ‘offensive materials policy.’”

In addition to Hitler and others, the booksellers have kept the works of Carl Marx to keep the inquiring minds entertained. That’s right folks, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is too racist and controversial but Mein Kampf is a-OK. The Communist Manifesto is just someone exercising free speech, but And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street is just a pack of hideous lies (which, if you’ve actually read either of the classic tales, you’d know they both are, but that’s not the point here).

In his anti-semitic text, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Hitler cited a text that stated “the nationalization of our masses will succeed only when, aside from all the positive struggle for the soul of our people, their international poisoners are exterminated,” and that, “If at the beginning of the war and during the war twelve or fifteen thousand of these Hebrew corrupters of the nation had been subjected to poison gas, such as had to be endured in the field by hundreds of thousands of our very best German workers of all classes and professions, then the sacrifice of millions at the front would not have been in vain.”

But sure, Hop On Pop is what’s going to do us in.