Report Proves Biden Tried to Deceive the US Again


By now, it’s no secret that Democratic President Joe Biden isn’t exactly the most honest of men. How many times have we heard exaggerated stories or straight-up fantasies from his lips over the last three years? You know, like how he was supposedly arrested with Gandhi once, or that a drunk driver killed his first wife and children, just to name a couple.

We also know that most of these instances were done in what one can only assume to be an effort to improve his approval ratings and/or political standing. As of right now, both are pretty abysmal, as are the chances of his party retaining the slim majority they currently hold in the House of Representatives and the US Senate.

A smart man, or administration, in this case, would likely assume that since they aren’t doing so well, either in handling actual national issues or gaining the people’s trust, the lies and deception would have to stop.

But no one ever really accused Biden or his allies of being particularly bright, did they?

And so, with that same old “I can do what I want” attitude, we find out Biden, and his loyal staff has once again tried to pull one over on the American people (and the Saudi Arabians) – and all for an upcoming political election.

As you well know, we are mere days away at this point from a national election that could and most likely will wrest the majority and power of both legislative houses from the Democratic Party and place it firmly in the hands of the Republicans.

Now, as I mentioned before, much of the reasoning behind this is likely that Biden and his ilk have been dishonest and untrustworthy one too many times. But, according to a number of recently taken polls, the American people are also quite unhappy with our current energy problems, namely that gas and oil prices have skyrocketed over the last year.

And no small number of us blame that solely on Biden.

Remember all his day-one actions that effectively shut down domestic oil production and made us reliant on overseas producers like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and OPEC+? And with Russia now out of commission, the demand has grown even more.

You might also know that rather than reopening oil fields and plants here in the US, Biden has instead insisted that his friends at OPEC+ and in Saudi Arabia would help. The only problem is that, well, Biden doesn’t really have any such friends anymore.

In fact, rather than helping the US and our oil needs, the above-mentioned entities have actually cut oil production so that we receive even less. And it’s all because Biden has been less than nice to them and tried to influence an election with oil production.

According to Wall Street Journal, Biden’s admin knew cuts would be coming from OPEC+, so they went to our ally Saudi Arabia which has great influence with OPEC+. To be clear, Biden first asked the Saudis if they would speak to OPEC+ about increasing production by 500,000 barrels a day back in August. Biden even personally went to Saudi Arabia to ask.

But while there, he insulted Prince Mohammed and his nation, calling it a “pariah.” And so the Saudis were not as willing to play ball. According to those within the Saudi government, Prince Mohammed went to OPEC+ the next day and ordered that increase in production be dropped to 100,000 barrels a day.

Naturally, Biden and his staff weren’t thrilled with this. So they wrote a nasty email to the Saudi energy minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, saying he had broken promises. It wasn’t long after this that the increase in oil was tossed altogether.

Instead, in early October, the Saudis engineered OPEC+’s first production cut since the pandemic.

With the decision made, Biden knew he couldn’t avoid it. However, what if he could delay it until after the November midterms so that his party wasn’t seen as at fault?

So they asked… Hell, they even threatened – that if a delay was not given, the US would take it as proof the Saudis were siding with Russia.

As they should have known, the Saudis aren’t willing to give Biden such satisfaction, especially for something that really has nothing to do with oil production and is wholly political.

So here we are with an election just days away, a country without oil, and an ally on the fritz – all because of the stupidity and immaturity of the current White House.