Repeat of Pandemic Procedures Taking Place With FDA Granting Emergency Authority for Vaccine


The pandemic has long been pushed to the back burner by the Democrats because it no longer could be used to serve their purpose. For over a year, they hid one socialist idea after another under the viral umbrella to force people into thinking that it was necessary to beat the spread of COVID-19. But as things played out, it became evident that the virus had become political, so it was time for the liberals to find other ways of pushing their agenda.

Overnight, Biden’s mask mandate and vaccine push had come to a grinding halt. And within a few weeks, people stopped hearing the president mention anything related to the pandemic. But with the midterm elections quickly coming, the Democrats are looking to bring back the procedures and issues that have long been stashed away.

The Food and Drug Administration announced that they allowed a vaccine produced by Novavax to be used with emergency authorization. The addition to the current COVID-19 vaccines is a subtle reminder that the viral pandemic is still around and can be used by the Democrats at their leisure.

WebMD reported that the vaccine would be made available for any person who has not received a vaccine in the past. Each new participant in the vaccine program will be given two shots. The FDA is confident that the Center for Disease Control will join them in approving the new vaccine.

The concept of vaccinations is still a contentious topic for many people. Joe Biden tried to force all Americans to roll up their sleeves and get a shot or risk losing their jobs. And now, to bring up another option for a vaccine is just a reminder of how evil and deranged Biden has become.

The difference between the new vaccine and the older three options is that the new one is supposedly protein-based. The way it works is that the proteins teach the immune system how to identify and attack the virus strain. The vaccine seems to indicate that the body somehow cannot fight viral infections on its own, which is an entirely inaccurate assumption.

The human body already possesses the ability to identify and attack viral agents. And the immune system keeps a permanent record, so if the virus ever shows up again, it is eradicated quickly. But that fact is one that Biden and his team will never reveal because they still believe that a vaccine issued by the federal government is the only way to stay healthy.

The vaccine creators used the original strain of the virus to develop the new option. It can also be stored and transported like regular vaccines. And it is the hope of many that people holding out from getting vaccinated will trust the new option.

But trust was never a major player in why people were holding out. The main reason people refused to vaccinate was primarily President Biden’s fault. He took away their choice and demanded that every person comply or face the consequences.

The Democrats see this as a way to bring back the pandemic. They have already announced through their media affiliates that a new version of the virus is making waves throughout the country. The liberals want to bring back the fear of the pandemic, so people desire their protection.

CNN Health reported that “Novavax also announced in early July that its vaccine shows ‘broad’ immune response to currently circulating variants, including Omicron subvariants BA.4/5.

Novavax’s vaccine was developed with funding from the federal government’s Operation Warp Speed.”

The funding source is key to the real purpose of giving the vaccine an emergency use status. The FDA’s approval allows it to be rushed for use ahead of the upcoming elections.

The Democrats are desperate to gain an edge ahead of the midterm elections. They know that the pandemic kept people off balanced during the last election cycle. And they are hoping to be able to use it again to scare people into staying away from the ballot box.