Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is Hurting Seniors 

Jack_the_sparow /
Deflect and redirect was the strategy of Biden’s narrative regarding his monstrous and disastrous Inflation Reduction Act, and those suffering the most are seniors who rely on Medicare drug benefits.  In 2022, Biden promised seniors that the IRA would “lower Medicare costs” for seniors by passing increasing drug costs back to drug companies. Unsurprisingly, the […]

Group Temporarily Lowers Prices at Pumps to Remind Americans What Affordable Gas Felt Like 

Retouch man /
Americans for Prosperity, a fiscally conservative advocacy group, is determined to remind Americans what buying affordable gas was like under former President Donald Trump’s policies.   Akash Chougule, AFP vice president of government affairs, stated that Joe Biden’s top-down policies, including shutting down the Keystone Pipeline and banning energy leases on federal land, have stifled the […]

Rep. Crockett Fails to Notice Major Problem with Feud Merchandise

Marko Aliaksandr /
It’s become apparent that the political left has nothing real to fight for anymore. Unsurprisingly, that means its members take joy in making petty fusses about every little thing. But they can’t even do that right… Take Democratic and Texas Representative Jasmine Crockett, for example. Crockett, along with Democratic New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, recently got […]

Chicago PD Needs Four Hours To Respond to a Robbery

Jonathan Weiss /
Looking at Chicago’s statistics, it becomes clear that the city is more like a warzone than a major American metropolis. That’s why the city has earned the nickname with a built-in warning of “Chriraq.” After decades of Democrats leading the city and some of the worst corruption known to man, it’s no wonder that crime […]

Whistleblowers Drop Bombshell: Demand Intervention in Hunter Biden’s Lawsuit

Mehaniq /
Late last week, IRS Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley and IRS Special Agent Joseph Ziegler decided to crash Hunter Biden’s party by filing a motion to butt into his civil case against the IRS. Not stopping there, they also filed a motion to dismiss Hunter’s lawsuit. Bold move, right? Maybe even the first of its […]

Biden Begs for Black Votes at Morehouse While Daydreaming About Gaza Ceasefire

Michael F. Hiatt /
President Joe Biden’s recent commencement address at Morehouse College was a prime example of the out-of-touch rhetoric we’ve come to expect from this administration. Speaking to a crowd of eager graduates, Biden’s speech was less about celebrating their achievements and more about pushing a tired political agenda. This wasn’t a heartfelt send-off for young adults […]

Putin Set to Defeat Ukraine Within Months, Dealing Stinging Blow to Biden Before the Election

Aynur Mammadov /
You won’t see it reported anywhere in the American media, but Russia has now begun a massive spring offensive that could bring Joe Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine to an end by September. This will be an even more devastating foreign policy defeat for Joe Biden than his surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban in […]

Conservative Reporter Abruptly De-Banked without Explanation

Andrey_Popov /
An independent conservative journalist has had her Bank of America account shut down without warning or explanation. Christina Urso, who also goes by the online moniker of Radix Verum, says Bank of America wouldn’t even allow her to withdraw her funds to try to find another bank to do business with. While she has received […]

It’s Now Cheaper To Visit the Moon Than Build a Railroad in California

Michael Vi /
Democrat-controlled California consistently has problems keeping anything they do on a budget. Unable to make a straightforward plan, every green group in the state has their hands out to get a piece of the pie along the way. With all these costs quickly adding up, a six-mile addition to the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) […]

Marine’s Plot to “Cause Mayhem on the White Community” Uncovered 

Gordon Donovan /
Twenty-three-year-old Joshua Cobb, 23, of Trenton, New Jersey, has been charged with posting statements about his “interest” in becoming a serial killer and causing “mayhem” in the “white community.”  He expressed his intention to target white individuals because, as a Black man, he believed they would never understand his struggles. He stated that although he […]

No Home for Noem: Now Banned in 20% of Her Own State 

mark reinstein /
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is learning that politics is a dog-eat-dog world.  Due to non-canine-related issues, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is now prohibited from entering 20% of her state’s land. Last week, The Yankton Sioux Tribe banned Noem from coming onto their land in southeastern South Dakota, following the same move made by […]

CNN Releases Fact Check for Some Important Biden Claims, And It’s Not Good For Team Biden 

FellowNeko /
Following another Biden campaign speech touting his economic “success,” even CNN was forced to admit that many of his claims were “false, misleading or lacking critical context.”  First, Biden falsely claimed that a $2,000 yearly cap on prescription drug costs for seniors was now in effect as of January 1. However, this assertion is inaccurate. […]

Michael Moore is Back and as Stupid as Ever, Claims Outside Agitators Had No Part in Campus Protests 

Andrea Raffin /
Michael Moore is no stranger to outrageously progressive viewpoints that are frequently exaggerated and, frankly, stupid. He is the brain behind numerous conservative bashing documentaries, including gems like Bowling for Columbine, where he uses a tragedy to argue for gun control, and Fahrenheit 9/11, a rebuke of then-President George Bush and his response to the […]

RFK Jr Makes Astonishing Confession: He Had a Brain-Eating Parasite 

Ringo Chiu /
During his 2012 divorce from wife number two, RFK, Jr. said that doctors found a dead worm in his brain. Initially, Kennedy says, there was concern that he had a brain tumor. But some of his doctors claimed the spot on his brain, revealed during scans, was caused by a worm that had gotten into […]

DEA Reveals Chinese Companies Directly Linked to Opioid Epidemic

Tada Images /
DEA Administrator Anne Milgram recently spoke out once again, pointing the finger at China for fueling the fentanyl crisis in America. She testified before Congress on National Fentanyl Awareness Day, highlighting the role of Chinese companies in supplying Mexican drug cartels with fentanyl, which then finds its way into the United States. Ms. Milgram did […]