Rebellious Democrats Are Campaigning Against Biden To Get Votes…FL. Gov. Rick Scott Says Don’t Buy It

Hunter Crenian/

As liberal voters who’d had enough of reading nasty tweets belly up to the gas pump, they’d like those tweets back, please. Given the options, they’d rather be offended than robbed. They’ve heard Joe Biden decry everything that’s wrong with this world as it continues to crumble before their very eyes.

They’re ashamed of being so easily misled, but even more so for casting their votes against Donald Trump more so than for the only other choice they had. But after 16 months in office, America’s crisis bell has been cracked wide enough for more than one Democrat politician to also agree that enough is enough. Their leader isn’t cutting the denture paste.

Nevada Democrat, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, who’s running for reelection, is one of them. A bold statement on her website reads, “I’m running for reelection because you deserve a senator who will cut through the gridlock and dysfunction in Washington and deliver real results for your family.”

“I’ll work with anyone – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – to help Nevada’s families succeed.” It’s a stern vow from a woman who’s closing out a six-year term and has yet to do any of that, but hey… people can change. Right?

Since Cortez Masto is slated to easily win another term, she either means what she says this time around or she’s at least convinced enough voters of it. The pendulum is swaying towards her meaning every word, and other disgruntled left-sided politicians around the country are mimicking her phrases. 

Democrats running for political offices are more and more attempting to distance themselves from the chaos created by their own party in Washington. They’re dancing on the platform of the party of today not being what they signed up to represent, and they believe some radical changes are far overdue.

Swing states like Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, are watching Democratic candidates shaking their fists at D.C. and the lack of the current administration’s ability to get anything right. In only 16 months they’ve chopped down the cherry tree and won’t be honest enough to fess up. 

Biden isn’t favoring well among voters from either party who all agree that the country is stuck in a timewarp. Democrats have surrendered. Biden’s core campaign promises will never reach fruition, and the road he’s taken them down is negatively impacting any and everything that lives, breathes, and eats. 

For the first time in US history, paychecks are going into gas tanks just to get to work to keep from getting fired for not being able to afford to make the daily commute. Catch 22. Ground chuck costs more than grass-fed sirloin did pre-Biden, and we keep running out of stuff, i.e., baby formula and tampons. 

Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin from West Virginia, both Democratic senators, have vocally opposed Biden’s agenda almost every step of the way. In reference to them, Biden, at a recent fundraiser in California, said there are “two senators” who need to overcome their resistance.

Some Republicans, such as Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, are taking advantage of Biden’s failures. They knew early on that the administration was gonna flop and started saving their campaign dollars to get an early start when it did.

Scott started spending his saved dollars before the others “to make sure voters know that Senate Democrats have supported Joe Biden and his inflation-inducing, gas price-raising, border crisis-creating agenda almost 100% of the time.” 

Scott doesn’t need to waste his money telling everyone what they already know. It’s probably more of an “I told you so” move, but let’s give the guy his due for his keen perception.  

It also makes you kind of wonder if the Democrats who are bucking Biden are creating a facade to buy votes. Aren’t these the same politicians who sold America Biden’s bill of goods, to begin with? In case there’s any wonder, the answer is yes. 

Even if these rebellious campaigning Democrats are sincere in their desires to regain their lost party of yesterday, one important fact remains overlooked. If they were that easily deceived in the first place, perhaps they’re in the wrong line of work.