Politician Pleads Guilty to Being Involved in Election Fraud


Democrats all across America are notorious for doing illegal things. And when they are discovered, they lie and make claims about things hoping to hide their deeds. They are a group of people that cannot be trusted. They do not care about people because all they want is to seize power and force others to obey their devious wishes.

The 2020 presidential election revealed just how corrupt the party has become. The Democrats have people in critical positions willing to commit illegal actions to help Joe Biden win the presidency. The liberals would end up shutting down the system, and by morning Joe Biden had made a huge comeback to win critical states that Donald Trump was winning just hours before.

The search for the truth of the 2020 election cycle ended up coming to several dead ends. The Democrats were able to block every investigation into discovering the truth. They resisted every request for an audit because they had a lot of criminal action to hide. The Democrats claim to be honest, but the admission of Michal “Ozzie” Myers tells a different story.

Michael Myers is a former politician that served the Democratic Party. His list of shameful deeds spans decades and would end with his admission of being involved in several election fraud actions that tipped the balance of power in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, towards Democratic candidates.

Myers was found to be involved in acts of bribery and conspiracy during the Abscam FBI sting operation back in the 1970s. And since then, he has admitted to being involved in fraudulent actions related to the 2014-1018 election cycles. He was willing to commit acts of fraud to help his Democratic brothers and sister win their elections.

The Center Square reported that “Myers, 79, pleaded guilty ‘to conspiracy to deprive voters of civil rights, bribery, obstruction of justice, falsification of voting records, and conspiring to illegally vote in a federal election for orchestrating schemes to fraudulently stuff the ballot boxes.'”

His actions mirror those of the 2020 election cycle, where mysteriously, Joe Biden would come up with thousands of votes to overtake Donald Trump. The Republican candidate was ahead in several key states by tens of thousands of votes. And during the night, the counting would stop, and by morning Biden was drastically ahead.

The signs of fraud were evident. And the fact that Michael Myers has finally revealed that he was involved in such actions just a few years prior shows a pattern of crime within the Democratic Party.

The Center Square revealed that Myers had no problem bribing judges to add votes for liberal candidates. Those judges would take the money, add a few extra numbers to the official record, and then sign off on the falsified documents. Myers also admitted that he could collect what he called “consulting fees” and use that money as bribery funds.

United States Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams had much to report about Myers’s actions. She made the obvious point that the right to vote in free and fair elections is the foundation of America. The people have the final say in who gets to represent them in Washington.

Myers thought he could buy off election results and those that certify the final count. Any action to falsify or tamper with official election results is an attempt to undermine the Constitution of the United States. Freedom is not something that any single person can define. It is purchased through the selfless actions of people willing to give their lives so others can live free.

Myers is an example of the type of people that call themselves Democrats. They are a group of people that think freedom can be purchased with a dollar sign. The midterm elections will be the final nail in their coffin as one liberal after another is kicked out of office by voters that want to live free. The American voter is sick and tired of being lied to and having their freedoms stripped away one by one Democrat after another.