Pelosi is Already Lining Up Her Next Gig… Hello, Italy

Alexandros Michailidis/

The red wave is coming. And many Democrats are being realistic about what is likely to happen in the midterm elections. The House could flip from blue to red – and if that happens, Nancy Pelosi loses her position as Speaker of the House.

You don’t think for a minute that Pelosi hasn’t considered this possibility, do you? She may be old, but her mind is still as sharp as a tack. And she’ll look out for herself first and foremost.

It’s why she’s been visiting Italy. It seems that she has her sights set on a particular position.

Forget about living in San Francisco, where she’ll have to deal with homelessness and liberal politics. She could end up living in a mansion in Rome.

You see, she’s being realistic. And according to anonymous sources speaking to Fox Business Network, Pelosi plans on asking President Biden to make her the next U.S. ambassador to Italy.

The position is vacant at the moment. While Biden could fill it, sources say that Biden is holding it so that Pelosi can just slide right into it when the time comes. And with the possibility of Republicans taking between 40 and 70 seats in the House, it seems like the time will be coming sooner than many had initially anticipated.

Shawn Crowley is currently running the embassy as the chargé d’affaires ad interim.

Now, let’s take a hard look at what Pelosi’s new home could be. The U.S. embassy in Italy is known as the Villa Taverna. It’s a 15th-century mansion that sits on seven acres in the center of Rome. Pelosi could move into the beautiful area and be surrounded by gardens, a Roman sarcophagus, and ancient columns. Oh, and did we mention the Baroque fountain?

It sounds like a dream come true. And for many, it is.

Perhaps this falls in line with Pelosi’s retirement plans. It would seem that being an ambassador is less work than being the Speaker of the House.

Let’s keep in mind that Pelosi is 82 years old. She could easily retire and enjoy her golden years. However, she’s clearly not interested in doing that. And it’s not about the money. She and her husband Paul have made sure that they are financially comfortable.
She will likely be in public service until the day she dies.

Being an ambassador as opposed to the Speaker would simply be Pelosi’s way of slowing down. She won’t retire, but she’ll get cozy in a Roman mansion. And who could blame her? If Biden is willing to assign her to the job, she and her husband, Paul, could easily move to Rome, where they can live out the rest of their lives in the lap of luxury.

And while they’re at Villa Taverna, they can access the three-story wine cellar, tennis courts, a private theater, and more.

Pelosi is an Italian-American, so moving to Rome would make sense. And she and Paul have been to Italy on many occasions. And Paul was even in an accident just outside of Florence because, you guessed it, he was driving drunk. Seems he does that more often than he’d like to admit…

It’s a step in the right direction for Nancy Pelosi. Even if the House isn’t flipped, she might just ask for a change. We’d welcome saying goodbye to her as her brand of progressive politics may be better served as an ambassador as opposed to being in the House.